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How are affective disorders characterised?

Affective disorders are characterised by strong emotions which influence am individual's ability to function normally. Depression is one of the most common affective disorders


What are the two types of depression?

Major depression and manic depression


What is major depression?

An episode of depression that can occur suddenly. May be reactive (caused by external factors) or endogenous (caused by internal factors)


What is manic depression?

Also known as bipolar. It is the alteration between two extreme moods. Mood changes occur in a regular cycle - mania followed by depression


DSM-IV classification of single episode depression

Five or more of the following symptoms:
Insomnia most nights
Fidgeting or lethargy
Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
Less ability to concentrate
Recurrent thoughts of death
The symptoms are not caused by medication, or situations such as bereavement and they are enough to hinder the person from normal day-to-day functioning


ICD-10 classification of depression

Depressed mood
Loss of interest and enjoyment
Reduced energy
Marked tiredness after only slight effort
Reduced concentration and attention
Reduced self-esteem and self-confidence
Ideas of guilt and unworthiness
Bleak or pessimistic views of the future
Ideas or acts of self-harm or suicide
Disturbed sleep
Reduced appetite

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