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What was the early approach based on?

In depth interviews with 36 sexually orientated serial murders.


What was detailed analysis carried out on?

The crimes these 36 murder cases


What did the detailed analysis help the FBI to do?

Identify the major personality and behavioural characteristics of serial offenders


The collection of this information is part of a a systematic process following what 4 stages?

.data assimilation
.crime classification
.crime reconstruction
.profile generation


What didnHazlewood and Douglas categorise the murderers as based on the 36 interviews?

Organised and disorganised


Give four characteristics of an organised criminal

.show evidence of planning
.target the victim
.try to control the situation as much as possible
.at least average intelligence


Give four characteristics of a disorganised criminal

.socially inadequate
.may know the victim
.lives alone
.no attempt to conceal the body


What case highlights the effectiveness of the US approach?

Arthur shawcross 1990


What had Arthur Shawcross previously done before he was captured?

Murdered 11 women in the Rochester area of New York sate


What was the key part of the profile?

The belief that he would return to the dead victims later to re-experience the pleasure of killing


How did they catch Arthur Shawcross

They set up surveillance on his 11th victim and caught him masturbating on a bridge near the body


What is the US approach based on?

The work of Hazlewood and Douglas and the FBI in response to serial murders

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