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What type of experiment was it? With who?

Quasi experiment with people who were diagnosed with breast cancer


What type of design was it?

Independent measures


How many women were studied? Under what age?

133 under the age of 55 years (pre-menopausal)


Patients were mailed self-administered questionnaires to gather info on what 6 things?

- demography
- existing social networks
- education level
- responsibility
- contact with friends and family
- perception do support from others


What test was given to measure social networks? Which combined what

Psychometric tests which combined marital status, contact with friends and family and church membership


What were details of their diagnosis extracted from?

Medical records between 1980-81


What were survival and recurrence rates checked in?

Their medical records in January 1985


What six aspects of social network were significantly linked with survival?

- marital status
- support from friends
- contact with others
- total support
- social networks
- employment


What was the conclusion?

The more social networks and support, the higher the survival rate of women with breast cancer, although type of breast cancer was still a main factor in survival


What did they aim to see?

How social relationships influence response to breast cancer treatment

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