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Theme development

Suspect is offered the chance to shift the blame. The interrogator should show sympathy for their plight - designed to make it easier to admit guilt


Handling denials

Suspect should never be allowed to deny guilt. Interrupt any denial to prevent the suspect from gaining the psychological advantage


Overcoming objections

Suspect will try to give reasons as to why they could not have committed the crime. Move forwards towards a confession by ignoring them. Eventually the suspect will give up trying


Procurement and retention of subjects' attention

Reinforce sincerity to ensure that the suspect is receptive by staying close, keeping good eye contact and using first names.


Handling subjects' passive mood

Suspect will eventually become quitter and listen; move towards offering alternatives. If they cry infer guilt


Presenting an alternative question

Give two choices of what the suspect can do. One more socially acceptable than the other but both infer guilt


Having suspect orally relate the details of the offence

Get the suspect to admit guilt in front of witnesses


Converting oral into written confession

Document their admission and get them to sign a confession to avoid them retracting later


Direct positive confrontation

Suspect is told directly that they have committed the offence

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