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What was the aim?

To use the HBM to explain mother's adherence to a drug regime for their asthmatic children.


What three data collection methods were used?

Clinical tests


What was used for 70% of the participants?

A covert blood test to test the level of medication


What did the covert blood test confirm?

The validity of the mothers' answers in the interview.


How many mothers were used in this study and what was the age gap?

111 mothers aged 17-54


What age were the children used in the study?

9 months to 17 years old


What were the questions in the interview regarding perceptions of?

>child's susceptibility to illness and asthma
>beliefs about how serious asthma is
>how much their child's asthma interfered with education! caused embarrassment and interfered with the mother's activities


What were the mothers also asked about concerning doctors?

The effectiveness of the doctors and of the medication.


What two demographic factors correlated with compliance?

Marital status and education. Married mums were more likely to comply as well as the more educated.


What finding appeared to conflict with the HBM?

Mothers who were compliant reported less faith in their medical practitioners.


What was a positive correlation found between?

A mother's belief about her child's susceptibility to asthma and compliance to a medical regime.


What was there a negative correlation between?

Compliance and disruption to daily routines, inaccessibility of chemists and child's complaints about the medication.


Complete the sentence: There was also a correlation between the...

Perceived seriousness of asthma and compliance.


What did Becker et al conclude the HBM is useful for?

Predicting and explaining different levels of compliance with medical regimes.

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