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What happened in 1985?

David canter was called to Scotland Yard to discuss the possibility of integrating investigation techniques with psychological concepts


What year was the first well-known case in Britain involving direct help to the police? What happened?

1986 when David Canter started to help in the case of the Railway rapist


How many sexual assaults were there in the railway rapist case? Where?

24 sexual assaults on railways in North London


How many murders were there between 82 and 86



What did all crimes show signs of having?

The same offender


What were the first attacks? What were the later attacks? What then became clear?

The first attacks were rapes, later ones were murders. Then became clear that it was one person


What were the details of Canter's profile?

- lived in an area near to the area of the first crimes
- aged mid-to-late 20s
- right handed
- semi- skilled or skilled job with weekend work
- knowledge of railways
- previous criminal record for violence


What were the actual characteristics of John Duffy, the railway rapist?

- Lived in area suggested
- aged late 20s
- right handed
- travelling carpenter
- worked for British rail
- raped wife at knife point


What does canter believe about criminals?

They behave consistently


What will an analysis of the pattern of behaviour observed over a number of crimes give?

Clues about the non-offending, everyday behaviour of the criminal


How does Canter's approach differ from the US approach?

Canter does not attempt to place the offender in any rigid typologies, but rather suggests that their behaviour will mirror other aspects of their everyday life


What is the application of Canter's work based on? Known as what?

Five aspects of interaction between the victim and the offender, known as the five-factor model


What does the five-factor model consist of?

- interpersonal coherence
- significance of time and place
- criminal characteristics
- criminal career
- forensic awareness


What is the circle theory developed from?

Environmental psychology


What are the two models of behaviour from the circle theory?

The marauder and the commuter.
The marauder will "strike out" from their home base
The commuter will travel a distance from their home before engaging in criminal activity


What year can the origins of British investigative psychology be traced back to?


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