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What type of search did they use?

Internet search


What was the Internet search applied to?

Many databases of abstracts and academic periodicals worldwide


What words were used in the internet search?

'Restorative justice' 're-offending' 'recidivism'


How many 'hits' did the Internet search yield?



How many researchers analysed the content of the 424 'hits'?



What did the researchers aim to find in the 'hits' from the Internet search? What is this the minimum standard used by? In assessing what? To arrive at what?

Ones where a sample of offenders on a restorative justice programme were compared to a similar sample who did not experience RJ.
Minimum standard used by the home office in assessing re-conviction rates to arrive at what they call "reasonably unbiased results"


How many studies did the second process yield? Which formed the basis for what?

36, which formed the basis for analysis to identify any evidence of effectiveness


What were reductions in reoffending found for?

Violence and property crime, but RJ does not work in all cases


In what cases does RJ work best?

In cases with a personal victim


What can RJ improve from the victim's viewpoint? Provided they have been what? By reducing? And helping them do what?

Their mental health, provided they have been willing participants. By reducing post-traumatic shock symptoms and helping them come to terms with what has happened


What is there strong evidence for?

The effectiveness of Restorative justice in some cases in reducing reoffending


Who was one of the advisors for the report?

A senior police officer with the Thames valley police


What have Thames valley police developed expertise in?

Restorative conferencing


What are the Thames valley police doing with the expertise in restorative justice?

Cascading it out to other police forces


What does the report also point out?

It is becoming more widespread in schools with the publication of Daniel Goleman's book 'emotional intelligence' as a theoretical basis


What did they aim to do?

To look at good practice in restorative justice and to come to a conclusion on its effectiveness in reference to reoffending

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