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generic [dʒɪnerɪk] 2

And now the makers of generic drugs fear it, too.
[ADJ] [usu ADJ n] A generic drug or other product is one that does not have a trademark and that is known by a general name, rather than the manufacturer's name.
회사 이름이 붙지 않고 일반 명칭으로 판매되는



This year, more than 40 brand-name drugs lost their patent protection, meaning that generic companies were permitted to make their own lower-priced versions of well-known drugs.
[NOUN] A permit is an official document which says that you may do something. For example you usually need a permit to work in a foreign country.


share in

Generic companies were permitted to make their own lower-priced versions of well-known drugs and share in the profits that had exclusively belonged to the brands.
*share in the profits: 그 profit에 동참하다.


dry up

That’s great for large pharma, but that also means the opportunities theoretically have dried up for generics.
[VERB] [adverb] [intr] to become barren or unproductive; fail


vault [vɔ:lt]1

he large generics company Watson acquired a European competitor, Actavis, in October, vaulting it from the fifth- to the third-largest generic drug maker worldwide.
[VERB] If you vault something or vault over it, you jump quickly onto or over it, especially by putting a hand on top of it to help you balance while you jump.


lucrative [lu:krətɪv] 1

As one consequence of the approaching cliff, executives for generic drug companies say, they will no longer be able to rely as much on the lucrative six-month exclusivity periods that follow the patent expirations of many drugs.
[ADJ] A lucrative activity, job, or business deal is very profitable.


그 기간들동안, FDA에 처음 진정서를 낸 회사들이 성공적으로 특허에 도전했다.

During those periods, companies that are the first to file an application with the Food and Drug Administration, successfully challenge a patent.


그는 그 회사를 상대로 소송을 걸었다.

He filed a suit against the company (with the court.)


그는 구청에 민원을 냈다.

He filed a complaint with the 구청


window [wɪndoʊ]1

jolt [dʒoʊlt]

The exclusivity windows can give a quick jolt to companies.
[NOUN] [usu sing] If you have a window in your diary for something, or if you can make a window for it, you are free at a particular time and can do it then.
[VERB] If something jolts someone, it gives them an unpleasant surprise or shock. Jolt is also a noun. [N-COUNT]


2012년의 첫 9달동안, 복제의약품의 판매는 전년도 동기 대비 19퍼센트 올랐습니다.

During the first nine months of 2012, sales of generic drugs increased by 19 percent over the same period in 2011.
*over the same period in 2011=on year.


fickle [fɪkəl] 1

patent [pætənt] 1

But those exclusive periods also make generic drug makers vulnerable to the fickle cycle of patent expiration.
[ADJ] If you say that something is fickle, you mean that it often changes and is unreliable.
[NOUN] A patent is an official right to be the only person or company allowed to make or sell a new product for a certain period of time.


어딜가나 나에게 특허 위기에 대해서 물어요.

I can’t go anywhere without being asked about the patent cliff
* I can't go anywhere without being asked about


미국의 복제품의 6분의 일은 데바의 제품으로 처방됩니다.

One in six generic prescriptions in the United States is filled with a Teva product.
* fill a prescription: 처방대로 조제하다.



Mr. Levin also said he planned to cut costs, announcing last week that he intended to trim from $1.5 to $2 billion in expenses over the next five years.
[VERB] If a government or other organization trims something such as a plan, policy, or amount, they reduce it slightly in extent or size.


edge [edʒ]

Mr. Levin and Ms. Bresch each said that generic companies could gain an edge by expanding into global markets.
[NOUN] [oft N over n, N in n/-ing] If someone or something has an edge, they have an advantage that makes them stronger or more likely to be successful than another thing or person.


contraceptive [kɒntrəseptɪv] 1 3

But Mylan’s revenue has gotten a lift in recent years from sales of the antiallergy product EpiPen, and Watson sells branded contraceptives and other women’s health products.
[NOUN] A contraceptive is a device or drug that prevents a woman from becoming pregnant.


그러나 밀란의 수익은 요 근래에 안티알러지 상품인 에피펜의 판매로부터 엄청나게 올랐다.

But Mylan’s revenue has gotten a lift in recent years from sales of the antiallergy product EpiPen.
* get a lift



the best example, since it sells the blockbuster multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone.
[NOUN] [INFORMAL] A blockbuster is a film or book that is very popular and successful, usually because it is very exciting.


excel [ɪksel] 2

Analysts said Watson excelled at this tactic.
[VERB] If someone excels in something or excels at it, they are very good at doing it.


inhale [ɪnheɪl]2

Teva and Mylan are each pursuing generic forms of the asthma medicine Advair, which has been hard to copy because it combines two drugs that are inhaled through a device.
[VERB] When you inhale, you breathe in. When you inhale something such as smoke, you take it into your lungs when you breathe in.


2009년 테바는 스위스 회사인 론자와 합작하여 biosimilars 를 개발하여 왓슨과 유사한 프로젝트를 합작했습니다.

In 2009, Teva formed a partnership with the Swiss company Lonza to develop biosimilars, and the biotechnology company Amgen is teaming up with Watson on a similar project.


많은 사람들이 biosimilar을 주시하고 있으며 그것이 다음 세대를 이끌어나갈 것이라 말합니다.

A lot of people look at biosimilars and say that’s going to be the next thing
* look at: to examine something/somebody closely
*the next thing