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The other day, I joined NPR for a segment about high-tech holiday gifts.
[NOUN] [N of n] A segment of something is one part of it, considered separately from the rest. 라디오 프로


brush up on

I’d brushed up on cameras, phones, laptops, music players and game consoles. I’d brushed up on cameras, phones, laptops, music players and game consoles.
*to study or practise something in order to get back the skill or knowledge that you had in the past but have not used for some time


저는 티비(나 컴퓨터) 보는 시간을 정하는 것이나, 디지털 중독, 사이버왕따에 대해 이야기할 준비가 되어있었습니다.

I was prepared to talk about limiting screen time, digital addiction, cyberbullying.
*screen time: 스크린에 노출되는 시간(TV보는 시간, 컴퓨터 사용시간)


이 시장바닥은 태블릿이 완전 유행입니다.

The marketplace has gone tablet-crazy.


venerable [venərəbəl] 1

There’s the venerable iPad, of course.
[ADJ] [usu ADJ n] Something that is venerable is impressive because it is old or important historically.


practically [præktɪkəli] 1

There’s practically a different model for every man, woman and child.
[ADV] [ADV adj/-ed] You use practically to describe something which involves real actions or events rather than ideas or theories.


crop [krɒp]

There’s a new crop of black-and-white e-book readers.
[NOUN] [N of n] [INFORMAL] You can refer to a group of people or things that have appeared together as a crop of people or things.


keep tabs on

So how are you, the confused consumer, supposed to keep tabs on all these tablets?
*watch somebody/something very carefully; keep informed about somebody/something



knockoff [nɒkɒf] 1

no-name (brand)

DIRT-CHEAP KNOCKOFFS You can find no-name tablets for $100 or even less.
[ADJ] [emphasis, INFORMAL] If you say that something is dirt-cheap, you are emphasizing that it is very cheap indeed.
[NOUN] [INFORMAL] A knockoff is a cheap copy of a well-known product.
*A cheap, low quality, bad brand of foods and other items.


polish [pɒlɪʃ]1

They don’t have the apps, the features, the polish or the pleasure of the nicer ones.
[NOUN] [approval] If you say that a performance or piece of work has polish, you mean that it is of a very high standard.


bother with [bɒðər] 1


Don’t bother with the lesser brands.
[VERB] [with brd-neg] If you do not bother to do something or if you do not bother with it, you do not do it,
[ADJ] [ADJ n, the ADJ of n] You can use lesser to refer to something or someone that is less important than other things or people of the same type. 격떨어지는


lock into [lɒk] 1

proprietary [prəpraɪəteri]2


if you’re going to get locked into one company’s proprietary, copy-protected book format, you’ll reduce your chances of library obsolescence if you stick with Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
[VERB] If you lock something in a particular position or if it lock there, it is held or fitted firmly in that position.
[ADJ] [ADJ n] [FORMAL] Proprietary substances or products are sold under a trade name.
[NOUN] Obsolescence is the state of being no longer needed because something newer or more efficient has been invented.


아마존과 반디엔노블주 각각은 기능적으로 이북리더와 아이패드 중간쯤에 해당하는 7인치 테블릿을 팔고 있습니다.

Amazon and B.& N. each sell a seven-inch tablet that, functionally, lands somewhere between an e-book reader and an iPad.
*land somewhere between



ilk [ɪlk] 1


They’re nowhere near as capable as full-blown, computerlike tablets of the iPad/Nexus ilk, mainly because there are so few apps, accessories and add-ons.
[ADJ] Full-blown means having all the characteristics of a particular type of thing or person.
[NOUN] If you talk about people or things of the same ilk, you mean people or things of the same type as a person or thing that has been mentioned.
[NOUN] An add-on is an extra piece of equipment, especially computer equipment, that can be added to a larger one which you already own in order to improve its performance or its usefulness.


눅HD가 적절합니다/ 눅HD를 고르세요(가지세요)

The Nook HD is the one to get.
*the one to get


이것은 훨씬 더 선명한 스크린을 가지고 있습니다,.

It has a much sharper screen.
*sharp 선명한


wall charger

And the $200 price includes a wall charger (the Fire doesn’t) and no ads (the Fire does).
[NOUN] A charger is a device used for charging or recharging batteries.


다시, 반디엔노블즈는 라이벌인 9인치 킨들파이어 HD 보다 더 좋은 사양을 제공한다.

Here again, B.& N. offers a better value than its 9-inch Kindle Fire HD rival.
*its 9-inch Kindle Fire Hd rival



Amazon’s 9-incher is no slouch, either, although it costs $30 more (or $50 more to get rid of the ads).
[VERB] If someone slouches, they sit or stand with their shoulders and head bent so they look lazy and unattractive.



The company now sells two tablets, the Nexus 7 (7-inch screen) and the fast, loaded Nexus 10 (10-inch screen), manufactured under Google’s supervision by Asus and Samsung.
[ADJ] [usu v-link ADJ, usu ADJ with n] If something is loaded with a particular characteristic, it has that characteristic to a very great degree. (무거운)


정확하게 따져보자면, 그것은 아이패드의 레티나 디스플레이보다 화소수가 더 많습니다. 비록 그 차이를 구분하기는 어렵지만 말입니다.

Technically, it packs in even more dots per inch than the iPad’s Retina display, although you can’t really see a difference.
*Technically:[ADV] If something is technically the case, it is the case according to a strict interpretation of facts, laws, or rules, but may not be important or relevant in a particular situation.


fling A into the ring[flɪŋ]

Samsung is also flinging Android tablets into the ring.
[VERB] If you fling something somewhere, you throw it there using a lot of force.


그것(삼성)의 갤럭시 노트 태블릿은 스타일러스가 딸려 있습니다.

Its Galaxy Note tablets come with a stylus.
*come with: to be included with or as part of something



rejigger [ri:dʒɪgər]1 2

The apps that exist are often hastily rejiggered versions of Android phone apps, rather than apps thoughtfully designed for the bigger screen.
. [ADJ] [usu ADJ n] A hasty movement, action, or statement is sudden, and often done in reaction to something that has just happened.
[VERB] [AM] If someone rejiggers an organization or a piece of work, they arrange or organize it in a different way, in order to improve it.


scale up

TripAdvisor are scaled-up Android phone apps
*to increase the size or importance of something


그리고 그러한 현상(앱이 적은 현상)은 마이크로 소프트의 새로운 surfcace 태블릿의 경우는 두배 정도로 심합니다.(더 심합니다)

And that goes double for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet.
*go double for


그러나 그렇지 않다면, 미니를 사는 것도 정말 좋은 선택입니다.

But otherwise, the Mini makes so much sense.
*make so much sense


slip into something

You can slip it into a purse or overcoat pocket.
*to put clothes on quickly and easily


adage [ædɪdʒ] 1

You know the old photographer’s adage, “The best camera is the one you have with you?”


당신의 태블릿에 대해서도 똑같이 적용할 수 있어요(말할 수 있어요),

You could say the same thing about your tablet.