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duopoly [dju:ɒpəli]1

brewer [bru:ər]

A dull duopoly crushes microbrewers.
[NOUN] [BUSINESS] If two companies or people have a duopoly on something such as an industry, they share complete control over it and it is impossible for others to become involved in it.
[NOUN] Brewers are people or companies who make beer.


diner [daɪnər] 1

bland [blænd]

wriggle [rɪgəl] 1

South Korean diners would not tolerate bland kimchi (cabbage pickled in garlic and chili) or sannakji (fresh chopped octopus, still wriggling on the plate).
[NOUN] The people who are having dinner in a restaurant can be referred to as diners.
[ADJ] If you describe someone or something as bland, you mean that they are rather dull and unexciting.
[VERB] If you wriggle or wriggle part of your body, you twist and turn with quick movements, for example because you are uncomfortable.


swill [swɪl]

So why do they swill boring beer?
[VERB] If you swill an alcoholic drink, you drink a lot of it.


writhe [raɪð]

tentacle [tentəkəl] 1

Local brews such as Cass and Hite go down easily enough (which is not always true of those writhing tentacles with their little suction cups).
[VERB] If you writhe, your body twists and turns violently backwards and forwards, usually because you are in great pain or discomfort.
[NOUN] [usu pl] The tentacles of an animal such as an octopus are the long thin parts that are used for feeling and holding things, for getting food, and for moving.


그지역 솔인 카스나 하이트는 목 넘김이 좋다.

Local brews such as Cass and Hite go down easily enough .
*go down easily


그러나 그것들은 별다른 감흥을 주지는 못합니다.

Yet they leave little impression on the palate.
*palate [pælɪt]1: [NOUN] [usu poss N] Your palate is the top part of the inside of your mouth.


palatable [pælətəbəl] 1

His idea of learning English is not always palatable to those fast-paced Korean people.
[ADJ] If you describe something such as an idea or method as palatable, you mean that people are willing to accept it.
[ADJ] [FORMAL] If you describe food or drink as palatable, you mean that it tastes pleasant.


skimp on

Some South Korean beers skimp on barley malt, using the likes of rice in its place.
*to spend less money or time on something than is normal or necessary


몇몇 한국 맥주들은 보리 엿기름을 아껴쓰는데, 보리 대신 쌀 종류들을 사용하는 겁니다.

Some South Korean beers skimp on barley malt, using the likes of rice in its place.
*in one's place: ~ 대신에


boozer [bu:zər]

cramped 국 [kræmpt] 1

The problem for South Korean boozers is that their national market is a cramped duopoly.
[NOUN] [BRIT, INFORMAL,INFORMAL] A boozer is a pub.
[ADJ] A cramped room or building is not big enough for the people or things in it.=confined


이것은 사실 상 하이트와 오비를 제외한 다른 업체들이 거품이 부글부글 거리는 그 멋진 것을 대중들에게 가져다주는 것을 막았습니다.

This in effect kept all but Hite and OB from bringing foamy goodness to the masses.
*all but=all except
*the masses: 대중들


premise [premɪs] 1

Smaller producers were allowed to sell their beer only on their own premises.
[NOUN] [oft on the N] The premises of a business or an institution are all the buildings and land that it occupies in one place.


gigantic [dʒaɪgæntɪk] 2

shoddy [ʃɒdi] 1

vat [væt]

One brewer says the loose wording of the law means some have bought gigantic but shoddy old vats to make up the difference, and simply left them unused.
[ADJ] [emphasis] If you describe something as gigantic, you are emphasizing that it is extremely large in size, amount, or degree.
[ADJ] Shoddy work or a shoddy product has been done or made carelessly or badly.
[NOUN] A vat is a large barrel or tank in which liquids can be stored.


그러나, 소수의 소규모 술 제조업자들만이 도전을 위해 분연히 일어서왔습니다.

However, only a handful of small brewers have risen to the challenge.
*rise to the challenge


서울에 있는 Mr Vroon의 술집은 매일 밤 손님들로 북적입니다.

Mr Vroon’s pub in Seoul is packed every night.


unpasteurised [ʌn|pæstər|aɪzd,-stjə-;ʌn|pɑ:]

Craftworks’ unpasteurised brews must be kept chilled from the vat to the tap, which creates a problem.
[ADJ] (of milk, beer, etc) not subjected to pasteurization저온살균하지 않은


niche [nɪtʃ] 1

Cold distribution is a tiny, pricey niche.
[NOUN] [usu with supp] [BUSINESS] A niche in the market is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products.


Punitive [pju:nɪtɪv]1


Punitive tariffs prevent brewing experimentation.
[ADJ] [FORMAL] Punitive actions are intended to punish people.
cf) punitive damages: 처벌적 배상금
damages 배상금/compensation 보상금


stoppage [stɒpɪdʒ] 1

These can become contaminated, causing costly stoppages.
[NOUN] [mainly BRIT] In football and some other sports, when there is a stoppage, the game stops for a short time, for example because a player is injured. The referee may add some extra time at the end of the game because of this.