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babysit [beɪbisɪt] 1

My grandfather babysat for me once when I was 4.
[VERB] If you babysit for someone or babysit their children, you look after their children while they are out.


advent [|ӕdvent]1

I had once seen my mother light the candles ringing the wooden advent wheel.
[NOUN] [FORMAL] The advent of an important event, invention, or situation is the fact of it starting or coming into existence.
재림절(기독교에서 크리스마스 전의 4주간을 가리킴)


impeller [ɪm|pɛlə] 2

I knew that rising heat from the flames would cause the impeller to spin and the wise men to circle the Holy Family.
추진하는 사람[것]; [기계] 날개바퀴; 압축기


그러나 나는 동방박사 또는 예수 보다는 불에 대해서 더 관심있었다.

But I cared less about the wise men or the baby Jesus than about the fire’s dancing flames, the energy of their heat.


knock something over

Reaching to light a third, I knocked over the first two.
*to push or hit something, making it fall or turn on its side


advent wheel에 불이 붙었습니다.

The advent wheel caught fire.


scorch [skɔ:rtʃ] 1

Flames climbed up the sides, scorching Mary, Joseph, a couple of the wise men and several trumpeting angels before leaping to the impeller blades.
[VERB] To scorch something means to burn it slightly.
[VERB] If something scorches or is scorched, it becomes marked or changes colour because it is affected by too much heat or by a chemical.그슬리다


ablaze [əbleɪz] 2

By the time my grandfather came back into the room, the whole advent wheel was ablaze.
[ADJ] [v n ADJ, v-link ADJ] Something that is ablaze is burning very fiercely.


cower [kaʊər] 1

I fled to my bedroom and hid, cowering under my bed until my mother’s return.
[VERB] If you cower, you bend forward and downwards because you are very frightened.


ensue [ɪnsu:] 2

My grandfather’s yelling and the ensuing long talk my mother had with me about the dangers of fire made an impression.
[VERB] If something ensues, it happens immediately after another event, usually as a result of it.


volition [voʊlɪʃən] 2

But so, too, did the memory of those licking tongues of flame, the way they took on a life of their own, growing so quickly, seemingly of their own volition.
[NOUN] [FORMAL] Your volition is the power you have to decide something for yourself.


pyromania |paɪrəʊ|meɪnɪə] 13

The constraints of attentive parents kept my pyromania to a minimum for the next few years.
[NOUN] [Medic:Psychiatry] the uncontrollable impulse and practice of setting things on fire방화벽


twinge [twɪndʒ]1

I’d feel a twinge of guilt.
[NOUN] [with supp, usu N of n] A twinge is a sudden sharp feeling or emotion, usually an unpleasant one.짜릿한 통증, (불쾌한) 찌르는 느낌


conflagration [kɒnfləgreɪʃən] 1 3

she wouldn’t have laughed if she knew it wasn’t just a one-time incident, how I yearned for more ambitious conflagrations.
[NOUN] [FORMAL] A conflagration is a fire that burns over a large area and destroys property.


deem [di:m]

In sixth grade, I was deemed old enough to make the short walk home from school with my best friend and then stay at home unsupervised for an hour or so.
[VERB] [FORMAL] If something is deemed to have a particular quality or to do a particular thing, it is considered to have that quality or do that thing.


appease [əpi:z] 2

I wondered if these urges would ever be appeased.
[VERB] [disapproval] If you try to appease someone, you try to stop them from being angry by giving them what they want.


outgrow [aʊtgroʊ] 1 2

But even as I hoped I would outgrow my love of fire, I took bigger and bigger risks.
[VERB] If you outgrow a particular way of behaving or thinking, you change and become more mature, so that you no longer behave or think in that way.
나이가 들면서 …을 그만두다[…에 흥미를 잃다]


eerie [ɪəri] 1

I would cover my arms with hair spray and then light them, watching the eerie blue flames dance over my skin before dunking them in a sink full of water.
[ADJ] If you describe something as eerie, you mean that it seems strange and frightening, and makes you feel nervous.


rebellion [rɪbeliən] 2

stymie [staɪmi] 1

restless [restləs] 1

My childhood pyromania eased boredom, fulfilled a longing for rebellion and burned away a stymied restlessness.
[NOUN] A rebellion is a violent organized action by a large group of people who are trying to change their country's political system.봉기
[VERB] [INFORMAL] If you are stymied by something, you find it very difficult to take action or to continue what you are doing.
[ADJ] If you are restless, you are bored, impatient, or dissatisfied, and you want to do something else.


wick [wɪk]

spout [spaʊt]

A drip torch is like a devilish silver watering can full of diesel and gasoline, with a burning wick below the spout.
[NOUN] The wick of a candle is the piece of string in it which burns when it is lit.심지
[NOUN] A spout of liquid is a long stream of it which is coming out of something very forcefully.주둥이, 분출


tilt [tɪlt]

tentative [tentətɪv] 1

I tilted the drip torch, tentatively at first.
[VERB] If you tilt an object or if it tilts, it moves into a sloping position with one end or side higher than the other.
[ADJ] If someone is tentative, they are cautious and not very confident because they are uncertain or afraid.


trickle [trɪkəl]

clump [klʌmp]

A liquid trickle of fire poured out into a clump of bushes.
[VERB] When a liquid trickles, or when you trickle it, it flows slowly in very small amounts.(noun)
[NOUN] [oft N of n, in N in pl] A clump of things such as trees or plants is a small group of them growing together.



I walked along, deliberately spilling fire, and the flames surged, reaching for low-hanging branches, then climbing into the trees.
[VERB] If a liquid spills or if you spill it, it accidentally flows over the edge of a container.



I was working on an elite “Hotshots” crew of 20 wildland firefighters.
[NOUN] If you refer to someone as a hotshot, you mean they are very good at a particular job and are going to be very successful.


brim [brɪm]

As the flames reached hundreds of feet into the air, my fellow crew members cheered, brimming with a mad joy that came from having put their own obsession with flames to proper use.
[VERB] [usu cont] If someone or something is brimming with a particular quality, they are full of that quality.


crackle [krækəl] 1

cheered with them, the sound of my voice rising with theirs, and with the crackle of the blaze I had lit myself.
[VERB] If something crackles, it makes a rapid series of short, harsh noises.