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How was Hitler's upbringing?

-Hated his father
-Had school
-Life goal was not to rule world, to be an artist
-Closer to his mother


How did Hitler's career go in WWI?

-Even though Germany and Austria are allies, he likes Germany better so he enlists in german army
-Nothing special of a soldier
-Works mostly as a messenger
-End of war, he is hurt in gas attack


What did Hitler do after WWI that possibly caused his future?

-In hospital when armistice gets signed, part of his anger about Versailles.
-Never used chemical weapons in war, saw it as dishonorable because he got hurt that way.


When and where did Hitler start campaigning?

In 1923 at Beer Hall Putsch


What was Hitler's goal of campaigning?

to jump in front and get followed


What was the problem with his campaigning?

He gets arrested with other Nazis, in prison 5 years.


Why could Germany not go back to war at the time of the 1920s?

they are still wrecked from WWI's reparations.


How long is Hitler really in jail for and what response did he get after escaping?

Only serves 9 months of the 5 years, and after he got out he was admired for taking the risk of rebelling, people liked him for that.


What was the book he wrote later after Hitler got out of prison?

Mein Kampf


When did the Nazis become largest party in Reichstag?

July 1932


When the Nazis are largest party, what happens to Hitler?

Hitler becomes chancellor


Who were the two big rising political parties in the 1920s and the 1930s?

Nazis and Communists


Why did the Nazis and Communists lose people just before the Great Depression, but gained again after it started?

Things were looking better in Germany, so they didn't need a radical party in charge, but once things got bad again with the depression, the radicals were more relevant again.


Why were people a bit worried once Hitler became chancellor?

He discomforted the citizens by exterminating Jews and other people, and wanting to go back to war.


What is the Reichstag?

German parliament building


What did the Nazis do to the Reichstag?

Nazis set the building on fire


Who is Marinus van der Lubbe?

The person who was scapegoated by the Nazis for burning the Reichstag. He is a young communist who is a foreigner who suffered from the propaganda by the Nazis hating the Communists. He gets executed for the blame


Why did Hitler want to burn the Reichstag?

Hitler wants to start a crisis and act like the hero for doing this. He wants all the attention so he can be the hero for stuff he did. Hitler wants 100% attention of everything


Why was Hitler being politically sneaky about the Reichstag fire?

Hitler is playing out the Constitution in his favor; he gets in charge to control crises because he is chancellor.


What is the Enabling Act?

Enables Chancellor to make law without going to the Reichstag or the President.


What happens to the President of Germany and what happens to Hitler after this occurs?

Hindenburg, the President dies in 1934 of natural causes, so Hitler merges the chancellor with the President and becomes the Fuhrer.


Who was President of Germany when Hitler became chancellor?



What does being the Fuhrer mean for Hitler?

He has total power of everything and knows he has to live up to the expectations.


What were some of the media restrictions made by Hitler from his Nazi campaign?

burning books that contained information that he didn't want people to know. Different points of view, Jewish authors, certain radio stations were banned. Hitler wanted control of all media and what people could know.


What was Hitler Youth?

A program for young boys and girls to get physically in shape so they can be recruited for war eventually. Girls had a female version for Hitler Youth and were recruited as well.


When did Berlin host the Olympics?



What were the Olympics nicknamed?

Hitler's Olympics


What did Hitler use the Olympics as an opportunity to do?

to unveil a new Germany and to spread his Nazi propaganda


What was the recognition he earned later that year?

Time Magazine Man of the Year


Who was the American runner who won 4 gold medals?

Jesse Owens