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What was the debt for the US at the end of the war?



How was the US's war debt paid back and how long did this take?

The war bonds needed to be paid back and were paid back in 5 years.


What other economic factors changed after the war?

-GNP tripled
-Standard of living went up


When was the GI bill passed?



What is the other name for the GI bill?

Servicemen's Adjustment Act


What does GI stand for?

Government Issue


What did the GI bill do?

If you were a soldier your life was issued by the government. It was their war bonus reward for winning the war, provided low interest loans for them to go to college, get a house, or start a business.


How did the GI bill change America?

It opened doors for working class families with bonds to send people to college, manufacturing economy turns into service economy, suburbs grow from GI bill, leads to interstate highways to connect cities.


How was our economy different than the typical post-war economy?

In most wars you get a post war recession for economics, but in WWII, our economy improves and becomes consumer driven


How did women and blacks earn more respect after the war?

They do their part to bring the US the victory and feel great that they won. Women will take a lesson from the African Americans, they feel this glory from winning as they feel power to bring change.


What inspired blacks to move out of the south?

They get to go into other countries that had less racism than the US during the war.


Where do blacks start moving to?

They will start moving out of the south, move to west coast or northeast, finding more jobs and opportunities in these new areas, escape racism of deep south.


How many people die in WWII?



Of the deaths, what percent were civilians?



Why were cities targets in the war?

It is because of industry and war good production, modern war becomes more about weapons, which are produced by civilians.


What are the top four countries based on deaths?

-USSR 29M dead -China about 10M dead
-Poland 6M dead -Germany just under 6M dead


How many deaths did the US have?

415,000, under 20,000 civilians died


Where were the War Crime Trials at?

Nuremberg for Germany and Tokyo for Japan.


How many Nazis and Japanese were put on trial?

24 Nazis
28 Japanese


What was the punishment breakup of the Nazis?

12 executed
3 life sentences
4 less sentences
3 acquitted
2 suicides


What was the punishment breakup of the Japanese?

7 executed
16 life sentences
3 lesser sentences


Why was the Japanese emperor not executed?

Japan would avenge that and war would restart.


What are the three crime categories?

-war crimes
-waging aggressive war
-crimes against humanity


What is a war crime and give an example of one.

POW camps-cannot torture people and must treat them a certain way


What is a waging aggressive war and give an example of one.

A violent attack that prompts someone else to fight back. Germany invasion of Poland, USSR, Pearl Harbor, Manchuria are examples


What was a crime against humanity during the war?



Who is trying who from WWII?

Allies are tying the Axis powers.


Even if the US committed some of these crimes, why didn't they get caught for them?

US won, so there was no punishment for them, winners cannot be criminals in war.


What were some crimes US committed during the war?

-Internment camps
-Japanese bombs


Who is the Cold War against?



Why is there a cold war between these two countries?

USSR is mad with US for not fighting for them during Germany invading them. We do not like Soviets because of communism. Germany put them in the war with Non-Aggression Pact, they committed a war crime also.


Why is the Cold War "cold"?

We never square off with Soviet Union because of atomic bomb, too deadly a game, so we fight third level wars as allies to certain countries such as Vietnam, Afghanistan and Korea and Africa. We fight as proxies, because direct war is too dangerous.


What kind of war is the cold war?

Culture, economics, politics


What was supposed to be an answer to the Holocaust?

creating of Israel


What used to occur in Europe to help Jews?

There used to be a Zionist movement to give Jews a homeland in Europe.


Why was the creation of Israel a problem?

Palestinians are Muslim and Israelis are Jewish. This causes some fights.


What does Palestine do after they lose fights?

They turn to irrelevancy and terrorism.


When was the San Francisco conference?

April 1945


What was discussed at the San Francisco conference?

Roosevelt and Churchill draw up a UN charter


How is the UN stronger than the League of Nations?

It is stronger because of Security council (US, UK, USSR, China, France-major allied powers from WWII)-hold 5 seats, makes it stronger, can create Peace-keeping forces, rather than war to create peace. League of Nations did not have that ability, but UN does. Korean war will be fought under UN flag, means UN goes to war, US will provide bulk of forces, can raise peacekeeping forces.


What were the two conferences that lead to the Cold War?

Yalta and Potsdam


What was discussed at Yalta?

They decided what to do with Germany, took Germany and divided it into 4 occupation zones, and each of the four countries would take one UK, US, USSR, France, and then leave and let Germany rebuild. This was supposed to recreate Germany, but led to Berlin wall because Soviets did not want to leave their spot in East Germany.


What was discussed at Potsdam?

Stalin said WWIII is inevitable and how can they prepare for it, US thought WWIII is not a done deal and thought how can we prevent it.


What was the Marshall Plan?

an economic recovery plan for Europe at the end of war, US under Secretary of State George Marshall will spend $17B to help Europe rebuild.


Why was the Marshall Plan Created?

If desperate people do desperate things, we need to eliminate the desperation, this was a way to prevent another war because radicals like Hitler will do less and won't feel desperate to do these things.