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What are some differences between Hitler and Mussolini's upbringing?

-Hitler came from functional family
-Mussolini’s father was a blacksmith, he mother was catholic school teacher and he was well educated, got his political beliefs from father, supported working class, father was socialist.


What happened to Mussolini in 1902?

Mussolini will spend time in exile in 1902 as he goes to Switzerland, he tried to flee so he could get out of military service because he did not support what Italy was fighting for.


Why did Mussolini need to escape the exile of 1902?

He needs to fulfill military service to get back to Italy.


What was Mussolini's personal career?

career as journalist, teacher, magazine editor.


What did Mussolini do when Italy was in WWI?

Mussolini would re-enslist for Italy.


What happens to Mussolini in WWI?

He is injured in war and recovers when armistice is signed.


What side was Italy on during WWI?

Before war, Italy is on Central Powers side, but just before the war they formed alliance with England and France because England and France were good imperialists. They were in the allies during the war.


What happened to Italy after WWI?

Italy gets some land from Austria.


How did Italy feel after Versailles?

they felt cheated for what they got for what they risked. Italy paid a huge price for what they got, so they were angry.


What did Mussolini form?

Fascist party


What did Mussolini do after the war, just like Hitler did?

He tapped into how people were feeling in Italy about how the country is doing.


What form of government was Italy when Mussolini started campaigning?

a constitutional monarchy (King Victor Emmanuel III).


What does Mussolini do to campaign against the current Italian government?

Mussolini puts pressure on political system, and he will be Il Duce (the leader)


What is the March on Rome?

Mussolini in 1925 leads a protest march in which he and his fascist followers march on Rome and put pressure on the king to appoint Mussolini as prime minister.
-He will force the king to give up his throne and leave the country.


What was the Black Shirts?

Also called Squadistri, Used as a political technique to gain popularity in Italy


What was Mussolini's first step of territorial aggression?

Ethiopia in 1935


Why did Mussolini want to acquire Ethiopia?

-It was close to the Red Sea for water.
-Mass poverty was an issue, so Mussolini can take advantage of the poor people, so it should be an easy conquest.
-Italy has tried to do it before in the Italian-Abyssinian war, and Ethiopia won.
-Ethiopia was one of the few African countries to be free during that era of colonization and imperialism.
-Mussolini wanted revenge because of frustration from the first war’s loss.
-He chose Ethiopia because he can shut down any trade across the Red Sea because the British and French own parts of the surrounding countries so they cannot do much trade.
-A modern army needs fuel, and Ethiopia has fuel, so Italy could use it to plan ahead for fueling areas there because they know there would be a war coming ahead.


What was Mussolini's second step in territorial aggression?

Albania in 1939


What was Mussolini's goal for acquiring Albania?

Goal is to own the Adriatic Sea so others cannot get in.


What does Mussolini do after he acquires the two pieces of land?

Forms Axis Alliance with Germany.


Why was the Axis Alliance a smart move by Italy?

It was with two Fascist countries that are both strong, aggressive, European countries. People said Hitler and Mussolini were the right pair for the alliance.


Why was it called the Axis alliance?

Mussolini said in a speech “there is an axis between Rome and Berlin which the world turns.”