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What might appear and remain normal in CSF in viral meningitis?

Moderately inc proteins
Lymphocytes (viral)
Glucose levels remain the same because viruses do not use up glucose


What is viral meningitis also called?

Aseptic meningitis


Which virus commonly causes viral meningitis?

Mumps virus


Does viral meningitis usually need antiviral drugs?

No. It is self limiting. Should go away within a couple weeks with symptomatic treatment and monitoring for complications.


What's the treatment for viral meningitis?

Symptomatic treatment
Monitor for complications


What is the patho of viral meningitis?

Viruses take over and lyse cells leading to inflammation and damage. Exudate is formed but is not purulent


Why are the manifestations of viral meningitis less severe?

Due to less exudate (serous exudate)