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define social accountability for med schools

the obligation to direct education, research, and service activities towards addressing the priority health concerns of the community that they serve


define social responsiveness

a complementary capability by which a med school responds to societal needs and acts proactively to meet those needs


what are some typical themes of the needs of street youth, in their interactions with health care providers?

avoid stereotypical thought;
take time to listen;
explain what you do;
explain confidentiality;
develop youth friendly sites


note: eye contact with street youth is not always the best - take signs from what they do and change approach accordingly



note: in canada, there's no legally defined age at which an adolescent can consent to treatment

ok. We instead recognize the "mature minor"


when is a physician ethically and legally responsible to report?

concern regarding homicide;
concern regarding suicide;
physical or sexual abuse of a child under 16


note: evergreen allows for basic living and medical services


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