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A neuritis (inflammation of the sciatic nerve) characterized by intense pain at the back of the leg and/or thigh. Be be caused by pressure on a root of the nerve (like from a herniated disc or spasm of the piriformis)


Intragluteal injections

superolateral quadrant! or superior to the line exteding from the posterior superior iliac spine to the superior border of the greater trochanter


What kind of dislocation may injury the sciatic nerve?

a posterior dislocation of the hip joint


Gluteus gain or limp
AKA Trendelenburg's sign

-paralyzed gluteus medius and minimus muscles due to injury of the superior gluteal nerve.

-May also be produced by congenital dislocation of hip, or a nonunion fracture of femoral neck.

-when the foot is raised on the normal side, the pelvis falls on that side, contralateral to the side of injury


hip pointer

bruise or contusion of iliac crest, often a result of collision sports.


Charley horse

contusion and tearing of muscle fibers enough to result in a thigh hematoma (collection of blood). Most common in quads. Results in localized pain and stiffness


Trochanteris bursitis

friction bursitis of the trochanteric bursa, usually from repetitive actions

-deep pain in lateral thigh


Ischial bursitis AKA weaver's bottom

friction bursitis of the ischial bursa caused by repetitive hip extension while seated (cycling or rowing).