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Stages of an ulcer

1: non blanchable erythema
2: like an unroofed blister, dermis exposed
3: exposed subdermal tissues, note underminded edges
4: exposed tendon or bone


What stage is an ulcer with an unobservable base due to eschar, exudate, etc?



What should you avoid when cleansing a wound?

Avoid antiseptics which may be cytotoxic! Could kill fibroblasts


What do people with peripheral arterial ischemia usually die from?

Peripheral arterial ischemia is a strong predictor of coronary and cerebral arterial disease (arteriosclerosis)

-will die of HEART ATTACK or STROKE rather than complication of leg ischemia


What should you do if an ulcer is atypical or doesn't respond to treatment?

Biopsy! Could be cancerous