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Unit 1 Vocab
Headright system,
Bacons rebellion,
30  cards
1.1 America before 1492
Small foraging bands migrated alo...,
When did early inhabitants encoun...,
Where did the most sophisticated ...
42  cards
1.2 European Contact
How many years did it take to est...,
What did crusades expose europe to,
What was the generation of young ...
13  cards
1.3 Early Colonization
What did ponce de leon explore in...,
Who crossed panama in 1513,
What was the first permanent euro...
62  cards
1.4 Emergence of Colonial Societies
What was maryland intended to be,
What did lord baltimore govern as,
Though it was created to be a cat...
11  cards
Unit 1- GEO Terms
Bradford plymouth plantation mayf...,
Winthrop model of christian chari...,
New netherland amsterdam
17  cards
2.1 The Road To Revolution
How long did the french and india...,
What was the french and indian wa...,
What did the albany plan do
25  cards
Unit 2 Geo Terms
Crispus attucks,
Boston tea party,
Continental congress meetings
19  cards
3.1 Forging A New Government
New jersey plan,
Connecticut compromise,
Electoral college
10  cards
3.2 The Federalist Period
Whiskey rebellion,
Who was the secretary of treasury,
What did hamiltons plan consist of
11  cards
3.3 Jeffersonian America
Who led the democratic republic p...,
What are some characteristics of ...,
What are some characteristics of ...
18  cards
Unit 3 Geo Terms
John adams abigail adams,
Thomas jefferson,
James madison
18  cards
Unit 3 Terms
Republican motherhood,
The critical period,
Annapolis convention
47  cards
Unit 3 Test
What was the outcome of the war o...,
Strict constructionist,
Loose constructionist
15  cards
4.1 The Developing Nation
What president served during the ...,
American system,
Ao treaty
11  cards
4.1 and 4.2 Jacksonian America
Lowell girls,
Erie canal,
The west had
14  cards
Unit 4 Geo
Nueces river,
Gadsden purchase,
Brigham young
12  cards
13th amendment,
14th amendment,
15th amendment
16  cards
Unit 5 Geo
Freeport doctrine,
Lecompton constitution,
Battle of wounded knee
20  cards
Unit 5 Vocab
Dred scott decision,
Popular sovereignty,
John brown
49  cards
6.1 Industrialization
What was one shortcoming of laiss...,
Half breeds
16  cards
6.4 Grangers and Populists
What did grangers want to do,
What laws did several states pass...,
What case overturned the munn dec...
12  cards
6.5 Progressivism
When was the first time the gover...,
What did the sherman anti tryst a...,
What was a big shortcoming of the...
17  cards
Unit 6 Vocab pt 2
Social gospel,
The gilded age,
32  cards
Unit 6 Significant Slideshow
Half breeds,
58  cards
Unit 6 Geo
The jungle,
Robert la follette,
Tammany hall
13  cards
Unit 6 Test Questions
Why was susan b anthony arrested,
Naacp person,
Union socialist spokesperson
22  cards
Unit 6 Test Notes
Square deal,
Taft was known as a,
Political parties in 1912 election
28  cards
Seawards folly relates to the pur...,
What journalism refers to the exa...,
What spanish minister wrote a let...
5  cards
7.1B Foreign Policy
What did the foraker act do,
What resolved some tensions betwe...,
What was roosevelt s foreign policy
13  cards
Palmer raids,
Three presidents,
Kellogg briand pact
11  cards
7.4 Roaring Twenties
Who was a major proponent of birt...,
Who was the first man to fly acro...,
Iconic dance associated with the ...
5  cards
7.5 Economic Crisis
Who made up the bonus army,
Tariff signed by hoover in an act...,
Title of 1939 book by john steinbeck
9  cards
Unit 7 Geo
Hay buena varilla treaty,
Teller amendment,
Foraker act
15  cards
Unit 7 Significant Slideshow Items
What resolved some tensions betwe...,
What was roosevelts foreign policy,
What was tafts foreign policy
72  cards
LK Unit 7 Test Qs
Harding was characterized by,
Hoover s response to depression,
Calvin coolidge
47  cards
HAL Unit 7 Test
Fda provides,
Anti american sentiment cause,
Alfred mahan gave influences on
23  cards
8.2 & 8.3
What was the subcommittee,
What made up containment,
Marshall plan
16  cards
What legislation was made in resp...,
Which wisconsin senator is respon...,
What communist alliance did ussr ...
13  cards
Unit 8 Significant Slideshow
Which wisconsin senator is respon...,
What communist alliance did ussr ...,
What is nato
40  cards
70s Quiz
War powers act,
Title ix,
12  cards
Unit 9 Vocab Part 1
The great society,
Long hot summers,
Malcolm x
31  cards
Unit 9 Significant Slideshow
Title ix,
Who was the first president to vi...
22  cards
Unit 9 Significant Slideshow
Title ix,
Who was the first president to vi...
26  cards
Unit 4 Vocab
Cult of domesticity,
2nd great awakening,
Whig party
51  cards
4.3 Changes in US Society
What did transcendentalists start...,
Who organized the seneca falls co...,
What was the declaration of senti...
14  cards
5.1 A Nation Divided and part of 5.2 Causes of the Civil War
Wilmont proviso,
When provisos plan failed in cong...,
Who wrote cannibals all and what ...
15  cards
Who became the president of the c...,
Following lincolns 1860 election ...,
Which famous female served as a n...
5  cards
Approximately how many soldiers w...,
Lincoln allowed for the jailing o...,
The pacific railway act of 1862 a...
5  cards
Unit 5- Significant Slideshow Items
Cannibals all,
What inspired hb stowe to write u...,
The _____________ reaped the miss...
29  cards
6.2 Labor Unrest
What case opened the door for lab...,
Non union workers who usually wor...,
Who led the pullman strike
9  cards
Unit 6 Vocab pt 1
American federation of labor,
Gospel of wealth,
Social darwinism
30  cards
Unit 7 Vocab Part 1
Yellow journalism,
1898 treaty of paris,
Causes of spanish american war
30  cards
Unit 7 Vocab Part 2
Return to normalcy,
Sacco and vanzetti,
The red scare
29  cards
7.2 The Great War
The outbreak of war was sparked b...,
Causes of us involvement,
Selective service act
11  cards
8.1 Road to WWII
Blamed us entry into wwi on greed...,
Date that nazis invaded poland,
Date of pearl harbor
11  cards
Unit 8 Vocab Part 1
Stimson doctrine,
Good neighbor policy,
Henry wallace
33  cards
Unit 8 Vocab Part 2
Korean war,
Mccarran act
31  cards
9.1 Lyndon Baines Johnson + 9.2 Decade of Turbulance
The feminine mystique author,
Students for democratic society p...,
Televised made war seem less winn...
12  cards
Unit 9 Vocab Part 2
9 11 terrorist attacks,
The war on terror
31  cards
Unit 9 Geo
1963 jailing of mlk jr,
Free speech movement,
Haight ashbury
21  cards

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