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what does the autonomic nervous system regulate

-contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle
-all exocrine and certain endocrine secretions
-certain steps in intermediary metabolism


what is the predominant factor for rate in the heart

the parasympathetic system


control of BP is mainly by what system

sympathetic system


where are the muscarinic receptors

M1: ganglia
M2: heart and presynaptic nerve terminals
M3: SM, sweat glands, vascular endothelium


adrenergic receptors for liver and what is its effect

alpha 1 and beta 2
increase in gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis


adrenergic receptors for adipocytes and its effect

alpha 2 to inhibit lipolysis
beta 3 to increase lipolysis


significance of beta 1 receptors -- location and effect

heart -- increase HR and contractility
juxtoglomerular cells - increase renin release


what adrenergic receptors work on pancreatic islets and its effects

beta 2 -- on alpha cells it increases glucagon secretion and on beta cells it increase insulin secretion

alpha 2 - on beta cells it inhibits insulin secretion


what adrenergic receptors work on skeletal muscles

beta 2 -- it increase glycogenolysis


what is the location and effect of alpha 1 adrenergic receptor

relaxation of GI /intestinal SM
contraction of vascular and genitourinary system
liver - increase glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis

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