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William Henry Harrison

reestablished bank of United States and have paper currency.


John Tyle

didn't like central bank. Vetoed many bills proposed by the Whigs.


"His Accidency"

he vetoed so many bills. Whig extremists condemned Tyler as "his accidency.” His entire cabinet resigned


Henry Clay

“the great compromiser.” Ran for presidency twice and lost.



South Carolina seceded from the Union. North Carolina supplied many soldiers and war supplies for the Confederate States of America



people who live(d) down south. A person of mixed black and european descent.


Aroostook War

1838-39 between united states and united kingdom over the international boundary between the British colony of New Brunswick and the United State of Maine.


Lord Ashburton

he was a british diplomat. He arrived in Washington for a special mission of the united states. His order of business was settling the border between the United States and Canada. Webster-Ashburton treaty resolved frictions between US and Britain.


Daniel Webster

settled many disputes between US and Britain. Created treaties


Lone Star Republic

Texas. Mexico wanted people to move to the Texas territory but expected these people to adopt mexican traditions. Mexico wanted the americans to follow their rules and they didn’t. Many disputes occurred and eventually Texas declared their independence from Mexico.


54 40'

The northern boundary of Oregon was the latitude line of 54° 40 minutes. "5440 or fight" was the popular slogan that led James K Polk to be president


Willamette Valley

lush valley on the Oregon trail.


Oregon Trail

trail that thousands of people traveled in covered wagon to get to the Oregon territory


John Slidell

defended southern rights. He threatened the boycott of all northern manufacturing and predicted the dominance of southern ships on the seas. He argued that foreign countries would prevent the union from blockading southern ports.


Nueces River

River in the state of Texas. Mexico claimed that the southern boundary of Texas was the nieces river while Americans claimed the boundary was the rio grande.


Zachary Taylor

Polk ordered Taylor to cross the nueces river with 4000 troops. Then Polk told Taylor He should advance his troops to the Rio Grande River. Mexico thought that the United States had invaded their territory.


Spot Resolutions

resolutions requesting Polk to provide Congress with the exact location where blood was spilled on American soil as Polk claimed in 1846 when asking Congress to declare war on Mexico. Lincoln requested these


Stephen Kearney

he and his forces easily took control of Mexico, where he established a joint civil and military government.


John C. Fremont

he took control of California from the bear flag Republic in 1846. He then proclaimed himself military governor of California.


Bear Flag Republic

in June 1846 American immigrants in California rebelled against the Mexican government. The term California Republic indicated the people's dream of making a republican government for California. It only survived for a few weeks.


Winfield Scott

National hero after the Mexican American war and serve as military governor of Mexico City. The United States Whig party nominated Scott for president


Nicholas P. Trist

Polk sent Trist to negotiate with the government of Mexico. He was ordered to arrange an armistice with Mexico for $30 million.


Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

peace treaty between United States of America and the Mexican republic. Signed on February 2, 1848. This ended the Mexican American war. United States acquired the Rio Grande as boundary for Texas


Wilmot Proviso

designed to eliminate slavery in the land acquired in the United States as a result of the Mexican American war.

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