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impairment of the tongue or other muscles needed for speech where the pt cannot pronounce words correctly



an umbrella term for motor impairments that result from brain abnormalities that arise early in development

cerebral palsy


condition of lower than normal metabolic rate



three sources of oxygen for patients at home are:

oxygen cylinder

oxygen concentrator

liquid oxygen


machine designed to constantly monitor the patients breathing and emit a warning signal should breathing cease.

apnea monitor


medical device that is used when a patient is in need of ongoing intravenous medications. usually these devices are place in pts who need medication for longer than 7 to 10 days, but may be used on a longer-term basis as well

vascular access device


long thin hollow tube that is inserted into a vein of the arm or neck or the subclavian vein just below the clavicle. placed while the pt is in the hospital and is designed to deliver medication

central intravenous catheter


device used to assist the pump function of the ventricals. this device is used to assist the left, right, or both ventricals. often implanted while the pt is waiting for a heart transplant or as a long-term assist device in a pt who is not a candidate for heart transplant

ventricular assist device (VAD)


medical procedure designed to support the lost function of the kidneys. removed the buildup of toxins that occurs when the kidneys can no longer filter these toxins out.



tube inserted through the nose and into the stomach

nasogastric tube NG


a procedure that places a gastric tube into the abdomen is termed _______. performed for pts in need of long-term nutritional support from a variety of conditions.



excessive accumulation of CSF


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