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Define "Confounding"

Confounding refers to when a relationship between an exposure and an outcome is distorted by their shared relationship with something else


What are two examples of Observational Studies?

Cohort Studies
Case Control Studies


Are Cohort / Case control studies prospective or retrospective?

Cohort = Prospective
Case control = Retrospective


What 4 things can researchers do to remove a confounding factor from the design and analysis of their study?

1. Restriction (exclusion)
2. Matching
3. Stratification
4. Multiple Variable Regression


What are 2 pitfalls to using Restriction as a means to remove a confounding factor?

1. Less data available
2. Difficult if there are multiple confounding factors


What is "Matching" as a means to eliminate Confounding in research?

Creating a comparison group matched on the possible confounder


Using Matching as a means to eliminate Confounding typically is used in what study design?

Case-control studies