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What is a "Practice Gap"?

The difference between a desirable or achievable state of practice and current reality


State three broad categories which are barriers to the uptake of evidence

- Recommendations
- Adopter of guideline
- Organisation and Environment


Why are recommendations sometimes a barrier to uptake evidence?

- Can be difficult to follow / complex
- May be incompatible with existing norms


Why might the person adopting the guideline themselves be a barrier to uptaking the evidence?

- Lack of awareness of recommendation
- Doubts over credibility of source
- May be overwhelmed by too many guidelines
- Over-reliance on trusted / convenient sources


Why might the organisation / environment be a barrier to uptaking the evidence?

- Limitations of time and resources
- Behaviour / action / value that people are expected to follow
- Social influence


What is the principle behind Quality Improvement?

Facilitates uptake / continuing use of evidence-based policy and practice, focusing on recurrent problems within systems of care to improve performance, professional development and service-user outcomes


Give two examples of reward incentives for Quality Improvement