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Define "balance"

Dynamics of body posture to prevent falling


Give examples of three strategies which help maintain posture

- Ankle strategy
- Hip strategy
- Stepping strategy


During normal quiet standing, which strategy is used to maintain balance?

Ankle strategy


In order to maintain balance, what must lie within the base of support?

A person's centre of gravity


Explain the reflex model of maintaining posture

The reflex model outlines that postural responses to perturbations arise by reflex pathways from sensory information


Explain the systems model of maintaining posture

The systems model describes that posture is maintained via postural strategies, available sensory information, prior experience and environmental context


State the four sensory components which help maintain balance

1. Somatosensory (skin receptors)
2. Proprioceptive (muscle spindles / golgi tendon)
3. Visual (eyes)
4. Vestibular (ear)


Describe the concept of the inverted pendulum

An inverted pendulum is a pendulum that has its center of mass above its pivot point


Define "Centre of mass"

Weighted average of centre of mass of each body segment in 3D space


Define "Centre of gravity"

Vertical projection of COM onto ground