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Sunday 14th October

A US U2 spy plane photographs nuclear missile launch sites in cuba


Monday 15th October

US national photograph intelligence centre reviews and verifies the u2 pictures


Tuesday 16th October

Kennedy assembles EXCOMM to discuss us military and diplomatic response


Wednesday 17th October

Members of EXCOMM press for airstrikes
Another u2 flight reveals ICBMs on cuba


Thursday 18th October

Kennedy meets the Soviet foreigh minister Andrei Gromyko
Kennedy warns him that missiles must not be installed in Cuba
Gromyko insists the the SU are just aiding Cuba's defensive capabilities


Friday 19th October

Kennedy leaves Washingotn for scheduled campaign speeches In Cleaveland and the west Coast


Saturday 20th October

Kennedy cancels the rest of the campaign under the pretence of "health reasons"
Meets his advisers and orders a defensive blockade


Sunday 21st october

General Maxwell Taylor informs Kennedy that a US air strike couldn't be guaranteed to destroy all soviet missiles in Cuba


Monday 22nd October

Kennedy announces the blockade of cuba on US TV
US go to DEFCON 3


Tuesday 23rd October

USSR ships approach the quarantine line 800 miles from Cuba
Kennedy pulls the quarantine line back to 300 miles


Wednesday 24th October

US move to DEFCON 2
All soviet ships turn back except for 1


Thursday 25th October

Kennedy sends Khrushchev a letter blaming the soviet union


Friday 26th October

Khrushchev sends a letter to Kennedy saying he will remove missiles if the USA removes the quarantine and pledges to never invade Cuba


Saturday 27th October

Khrushchev proposes trading soviet missiles in Cuba for US missiles in turkey
U2 spy plane shot down over cuba and the pilot is killed
kennedy responds to the USSR by saying they wont invade cuba if the missiles are removed and they would secretly remove missiles from turkey


Sunday 28th October

Krushchev accepts Kennedy's terms
announced on Radio Moscow
crisis over