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When did Stalin die?

March 1953


Who was part of the collective leadership that took over after Stalin's death?

Georgi Malenkov
Vyacheslav Molotov
Nikolai Bulganin
Nikita Khrushchev


How did the collective leadership attempt to reform the Stalinist soviet system?

ending the cult of Stalin
reforming the secret police - renamed as KGB
arresting and executing Beria
following a new course economic policy which placed greater emphasis on producing consumer goods


When was the Khrushchev's secret speech?

February 1956


What happened in the secret speech?

lasted 6 hours
denounced Stalin's reign of terror
Stalin's cult of personality
Stalin's use of purges
Stalin taking full control of the communist party


What did the secret speech NOT condemn?

the one party state
the centralised economic system
the collectivisation of agriculture
the existence of the secret speech


What phrase did Khrushchev use to describe his regime?

Socialism with a human face


What is peaceful coexistence?

believed the superpowers had to accept each others existence