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When was the yalta conference?

February 1945


What declaration was published in yalta?

the declaration on liberated europe


What was included in the declaration on liberated Europe?

interim governments to be set up in liberated territories
these governments to be representative of all the democratic elements within that territory
USSR to have a sphere of influence in eastern Europe
United Nations to be established


What issues were unresolved in yalta?

the borders of Poland and Germany
reparations the defeated powers should pay


When was the Potsdam conference?

July - August 1945


which leaders were involved in potsdam?

Stalin,Truman and Atlee


What was agreed at Postdam?

Germany was to be demilitarized and denazified


what disagreements were at the Potsdam conference?

the USSR demands for a sphere on influence
Britain and USA unhappy with Stalins control in Europe


When was the moscow council?

December 1945


What spheres of influence were agreed in the moscow council?

USSR - Eastern Europe
USA - South America, east and south east Asia
Britain - Mediterranean, middle east