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When was the U2 incident and what was it?

1st may 1960
a u2 spy plane was shot down over Russia by a Russian missile


What was the USA reaction to the u2 incident?

initially claimed the fight had never taken place
Khrushchev revealed the USA espionage technology from the plane and demanded an apology
USA admitted to the flight but refused to apologise


When did West Germany join NATO?



When was the second Berlin crisis?



What was the second Berlin Crisis?

November 1958 - Khrushchev demanded that West Berlin became a demilitarized free city and access routes to Berlin to be handed to east Berlin
USA,Britain and France refused these demands


When was the Berlin wall built?

August 1961


When was the fourth Berlin crisis?

October 1961


What was the fourth Berlin crisis?

After the berlin wall as built Kennedy sent General Lucius Clay to Berlin as his represntative
in october a US diplomat was prevented from entering east berlin which went against a previous agreement
General Clay provided a US military patrol to escort the diplomat


What happened at checkpoint Charlie?

Armed soldiers accompanied US citizens
US tanks stationed there
27th October 33 soviet tanks enter east Berlin
23 at brandenburg gate and 10 at checkpoint charlie
tanks faced off at checkpoint charlie
16 hours nose to nose- 27thoctober
tanks eventally withdrew one by one