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What was phase 1?

June - August 1950
North Korean army pushed south and captured Seoul


What was phase 2?

September 1950
UN forces led by General Macarthur land in Korea
By the end of September north Korean forces had been pushed back to the 38th parallel


What was phase 3?

September to November 1950
UN forces captured north Korean capital Pyungyang
Headed for the Chinese border - the Yalu river


What was phase 4?

November to December 1950
China entered the war
a combined force of 350 000 communist troops pushed the UN forces back to the 38th parallel


What was phase 5?

January 1951 - July 1953
Fighting continued for 2 years as a stalemate
Macarthur asked Truman to use nuclear weapons
Truman refused
armistice signed July 1953
Korea remained divided


What was the USA reaction to the invasion of south Korea?

evidence of communist desire for world domination
Truman under pressure to act
Appealed to the UN
A UN force was dispatched led by US General Macarthur


What impact did the war have on superpower relations?

Marked a shift of focus from Europe to Asia
Armistice was signed after Stalin's death in 1953