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What did Beria propose?

A unified neutral Germany


Who first came up with the idea of peaceful coexistence and what was it known as?

Georgi Malenkov
New Course
Khrushchev renamed it as peaceful coexistence


Why was the USSR pursuing peaceful coexistence?

Soviet leadership believed in the inevitable victory of communism over capitalism
Khrushchev was confident that the USSR's economic output would soon overtake the USA's.
By the end of the 1940's both sides had their own spheres of influence


What did khrushchev say about MAD?

"there are only two ways - either peaceful coexistence or the most destructive war in history"


What measures did the USSR take to reach peaceful coexistence?

Ending the Korean war
Cuts in the red army
Austrian state treaty
Soviet withdrawal from Finland


what as the reduction of the red army in the late 1950's?

5.8 million to 3.7 million men


When was the Austrian state treaty?



What was the Austrian state treaty?

In 1945 Austria was under the joint occupation of USA,USSR,Britain and France
In 1954 Khrushchev was ready to accept a neutral Austria
The treaty was signed by all 4 states and removed all foreign troops and guaranteed Austria's independence
paved the way for the 1955 Geneva summit


What and when was the soviet Finnish peace treaty?

ended the conflict from ww2 between Finland and USSR
under its terms Finland handed over $300 billion in reparations and border territory


When did USSR withdraw from Finland?

decided in 1955 by Khrushchev
Actually withdrew in 1956


What other initiatives did the soviets do?

1953- settled border disputes with Turkey and Iran
re-established diplomatic relations with Greece
formally recognised Israel