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Why did discontent in Europe grow in the 1980's?

Growing trade links with the west made citizens aware of the higher standards of living in the west
living standards in eastern Europe declining
prices and unemployment rose
housing food and consumer goods in short supply
expectations from Helsinki accords not met


What were the effects of people power?

speedy and mainly peaceful removal of satellite regimes
pushed the process further than Gorbachev had planned
led to reforms in the satellite states


What did moral bankruptcy consist of?

corrupt communist elite
alienated population
abuse of human rights
reliance on military force


What were the communist elites known as?



What were the problems with the communist elite?

took bribes
used government funds for themselves
appointed friends and family to state jobs


What caused the alienated population?

long working hours
low grade housing
poorly stocked shops
shortages of food and consumer goods


What did the alienated population lead to?

low productivity
extensive black market
growing social problems - alcoholism, illness, suicide