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When was the peoples republic of china declared?

1st October 1949


When was the treaty of friendship alliance and mutual assistance?

February 14th 1950


What were the reasons for the treaty?

China was isolated from the west because it was communist
idealogical affinity between china and USSR
Russia needed to establish new trading partners


What were the friendship terms of the treaty?

USSR grated China a $300 million loan
provided equipment for 50 major construction projects


What were alliance terms of the treaty?

Military alliance against capitalist nations
a guarantee that the USSR would come to china's aid if they were in conflict against a capitalist nation


What were the mutual assistance terms of the treaty?

USSR and China set up a joint stock company to mine in Xinjiang
soviet experts helped to set up and run 141 Chinese business enterprises
China recognised USSR's rights over Mongolia
USSR returned the Manchurian railway to China


What was the effect of the treaty on China?

by 1956 60% of Chinese trade was conducted with the USSR
USSR educated 9313 Chinese technical experts in top Russian universities
Over 38 000 Chinese workers were given vocational training in Siberia


What US policies were put in lace by Truman after the treat between the USSR and China?

Military support for Taiwan
Military aid for the Philippines
Aid and support and for south Korea
Military aid and financial support for the French who were fighting communism