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When did the USSR successfully test their first atomic bomb?

August 1949


When did Mao proclaim the peoples republic of China?

October 1949


When was the national security council set up and by who?

By Truman


What and when as NSC-68?

National Security Council report 68
written in 1950


what did NSC-68 include?

The USA believed that the USSR was aiming for world domination
USA had cut its military spending since world war 2
1948 -USA military spending - $10.9 billion, USSR - $13.1 billion
USA army - 640 000 soldiers + 1 armoured division
USSR army - 2.6 million soldiers + 3 armoured divisions
USA had a responsibility to provide an alternative to communism
USA military to increase spending and develop Hydrogen bombs


Short term causes of the Korean war?

1950 -USA did NOT give id to south Korea, convinced Kim Il Sung that USA would not help in the future
Kim persuaded Stalin to agree to an invasion of South Korea


Medium term causes of the Korean war?

1949 - the Syngman Rhee government in south Korea appeared vulnerable - it was unpopular with the south Korean people and relied heavily on US troops
USA and USSR troops left Korea in 1949


Long term causes of the Korean war?

Between 1910 and 1945 Korea was controlled by Japan
After ww2 soviet zone formed north Korea and USA zone formed south Korea
Korea remained divided


When did the invasion start and who statred it?

25th June 1950
North Korean troops ordered by Kim Il Sung