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Wwo had the USA backed in the Chinese civil war?

The nationalists


Chinese motives for a Sino-US relationship

Mao worried about a soviet nuclear strike
China had very few allies in 1969 - France,Pakistan and Albania
Mao hoped a relationship with the USA could be used to confront the USSR


USA motives for a Sino-US relationship

Nixon believed it would put pressure on the Vietcong to negotiate a peaceful settlement in Vietnam
Nixon wanted to exploit the Sino-Soviet split to put pressure on the USSR
needed new strategic alliances - the USA military was not as effective as they hoped
Would allow the USA to focus their entire nuclear arsenal on the USSR


What were the first steps towards a Sino-US alliance?

July 1969 - Nixon relaxes trade and travel restrictions with China and nixon begins a secret dialogue with Mao
April 1971 - Mao invites the US ping pong team to play an international match in China


When did Kissinger secretly visit China?

July 1971


What did the USA do in October 1971?

Backed China's entry into the UN


Why were negotiations kept secret?

National pride
Domestic opinion
Taiwan - USA had a long standing commitment to defend Taiwan against China