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an accident in which fire dept. personnel exercised reasonable judgement and procautions, exhibited good apparatus/vehicle operators and officers skills and observed all state, local and fire dept. statutes, ordinances and rules describes which category of accidnt?

category 1


an accident in which fire dept. personnel failed to follow established dept. R and R, policies and procedures, describe which category of accident?

category IV


an accident which occurred because of apparatus/vehicle operators misjudgment of clearance from other vehicles, deficiency in defensive driving techniques, or failure to anticipate other vehicles movements describes which category of accident?

category III


an accident which occurred because of inattention to vehicle operators and/or officers responsibilities or because of misjudgment of clearance in operating apparatus near stationary objects describes which type of accident?

category II


one of the major changes to the dept. policy on accident investigations ID in the bulletin include extending the time required to forward the F 150 from 7 days to ? days to allow members adequate time to secure representation.



the cause determination of a dept. involved traffic accident will be made by the?

law enforcement investigating agency


the primary objectives of the investigating officer at an investigation scene is/are to determine?

circumstances surrounding an event
report the circumstances of the event accurately


the form used to identify any witnesses at an accident is a ?

FG 84B


if the dept. determines that the matter is time sensitive, and the member is unable to obtain representation within ?, management reserves the right to detail an available representative of the members choice to provide representation to the member.

90 minutes


which of the following reports is not required to be completed at every accident?

FG 84B


if an accident requires an investigative agency (police) report, is shall be collected and forwarded within?

14 business days


during an accident hearing, the member will be administered ? which orders the member to answer questions asked of him/her under the threat of discipline.

lybarger admonition


finding as a result of an accident hearing will include a recommendation for no further action, or a request for review by PSD if an accident is determined to be a category ? accident.

category II
category III
category IV


the summary, findings and substantiation of findings developed during the accident hearing for the hearing report shall be included in the ? prepared by the hearing officer and forwarded to PSD.

F 226S


a traffic accident hearing is normally conducted with all of the following members in attendance?

admin. assistant chief
admin. battalion chief
battalion driving coordinator
members immediate supervisor


a form required to be completed by the driver is the ? which provides a statement describing the facts surrounding the incident.

FG 88


if a traffic accident involves an ladder truck, the automobile accident report shall be completed by?

the driver

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