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when hose streams must be used within the vicinity of high voltage, all of the following must be done?

utilize fog streams
utilize the 30/33/100 rule


firefighters applying water in the vicinity of high voltage should maintain a distance of?

33 feet


LAFD policy states that aerial ladders shall not be placed in close proximity to power lines and electrical devices. how far away shall they be?

10 feet


electrical hazards: occupants trapped in a vehicle by energized wires should remain in their vehicle until the power is de energized. however, they may be able to drive the vehicle clear of the wires. in this situation, the vehicle should be driven clear of the wires by at least?

35 feet


with heavy smoke pressent, f.f. should be cognizant of remaining at least ? from transmission lines and ? from transmission towers.

100 feet
35 feet


the LADWP recommends not approaching a high voltage source closer than ?

one body length


when cutting wires attached to a building, all of the following safeguards shall be adhered to?

use mechanical axe with rubber gauntlet ggloves
do not reach over charged wires
cut close to the service bracket in order to make all loose ends dead


wires on poles can be cut by FF under which of the following circumstances?

low voltage wires
there is an immediate life hazard


the clearly identified method to assure that fire personnel and other responders do not enter life hazard zones includes the use of?

3 horizontal strands of fireline tape


the safest tactic regarding the use of hose streams around a hi voltage source is to?

protect exposures


making a building safe from electrical hazards should be completed in the safest and most efficient method possible. the two main methods for de energizing a building are?

opening the main or breaker switches at the electrical panel and cutting wires


voltage definitions are referenced by the amount of voltage carried through conductors. what are they?

extemely hi voltage is defined as voltages in excess of 60k volts
high voltage is defined as voltage from 600-59,000 volts
low voltage is defined as voltage below 600 volts


the use of ground ladders near electrical ladders must be done safely. although ladders are wood construction, they are still oconductive. ground ladders should be kept ? from wires.

10 feet


The explosive range for carbon monoxide is?

12.5 to 74%


If a victim is trapped on the letter or any vehicle did not attempt to touch anything that could conduct electricity and?

Notify DWP,
secure the scene,
wait for the electrical source to BD energized

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