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who is responsible for maintaining a visual awareness of what is happening around them?

all members


operational retreat on an incident is indicated by what?

sounding of air horn for ten secs followed by ten ssecs of silence and repeating three times


how many structure watch situations are there?



what best indicates interior watch outs?

companies are driven off roof, you are working underneath a mezzanine, you feel uncomfortable, you flow water and make no progress and unable to communicate to IC


what are the three additional watch outs in structure LCES?

location, conditions and safety equipment


T/F: mezzanines are often found inside a rolling steel doorway?



members need to remain vigilant to any signs that will indicate that the conditions will change or are of an unusual nature. the most important decision will be knowing when to regroup and consider?

risk vs gain


as an adjunct to an operational retreat the dept. has adopted the AIR HORD SIGNAL. this signal consists of repeating the cycle of intermittent air horn use and silence for a total of?

50 seconds


which of the following is not one of the four critical actions that provide the basis for initiating wildland operations?

line construction


which of the following is true regarding mezzanines?

mezzanines are often constructed illegally
have been recognized as significant threats to the safety of FF
realizing you are working underneath a mezzanine is one of the fourteen interior FF watch outs

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