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you hear the following message over the tac frequency on your portable radio "emerg. traffic-ff missing" the message is then repeated with no reply from the IC, the action you should take is?

transmit 'emerg. traffic' and relay the message to the IC


the use of emerg. traffic is used to clear the radio channels for an important radio message. when an emerg. traffic is announced other personnel shall?

refrain from using the radio unless a message is necessary and involves the emrg. situation


in order to provide a more efficient use during emerg. ops, members shall carry their assigned radio in the?

repeat mode


during the initial stages of an incident who performs the duties of a RIC should the need arise?

a company not working in an IDLH atmosphere and not assigned to a critical task


when should the IC consider assigning a company from the first alarm assignment as RIC?

a significant hazard exists


the Rapid intervention mission can be separated into which of the following categories?

standby and deployment modes


a rescue scenarios become more complex or when two or more RIC are assigned, what should the IC consider assignin?

group supervisor


in a hi rise incident, PM should be assigned as amedical standby at what location?



the key to a successful conclusion of a ff rescue is?

timely search and rescue operations


NFPA standard 1500; magnetic strips will be located?

on the captains side of apparatus cab


when entering a structure or room, the factors that usually determine the path of search include all of the follow?

information gathered from IC and FF personnel
location if interior fire attack lines
searching an area that is unknown for a potential victim by turning either left or right


RIC at a metro rail incident should be located?

at each train station


after gathering equip., performing recon and liaising with the command post, the following radio channels shall be monitored?

IC channel
incident tac channels
rapid intervention tac channels


the IC system shall provide for additonal? based on the size, complexity or needs of the incident. this can be accomplished by?

accountability; reducing span of control


the air horn signal has been adopted as an adjunct to an operational retreat. the operation retreat signal with an apparatus air horn covers a span of?

50 seconds


what is necessary for the depart. to comply with accountability requirements contained within NFPA 1500. the answer that contains the missing information is?

the accurate maintenance of the apparatus roster system


when shall the IC shall designate a RIC?

upon the arrival of additional resources beyond the original assignment


after you have reported to the IC, unless otherwise directed, your company should normally be located?

near the command post


when entering a structure or room, the factors that usually determine the path of search include all of the following?

location and extension of the fire


how many times will a radio beep before it displays EMERGENCY?

four times


members may encounter radio problems when operating in the following locations?

below gound
shielded rooms
elevator cars
steep or narrow canyons
out the city


RIC shall monitor what channels?

IC channel
incident tactical channel
rescue tactical channel
channel 6


the apparatus roster system is governed by what NFPA standards?



magnetic strips shall be placed in a visible location on the?

communication console
dashboard or


the evacuation signal should not be apparatus in close proximity to where?

command post


an incident clock begins when the first dispatched unit arrives on scene, what is the interval duration?

15 minutes


the dept. currently has excellent radio coverage within the city of LA, however due to certain physical limitations, the radio coverage may be degraded or non existant. which of the following location could members encounter radio problems?

metro rail red line stations
elevator cars

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