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what are the advantages of positive ventilation?

personnel are not exposed to hazardous interior contaminates while positioning blowers
exterior positioned blowers are efficient in removing contaminates at the top, bottom, and corners of a room or building
reduced noise level


if a gasoline blowe is being utilized for smoke remaval and an exhaust odor is noticeable inside the building, this is an indication of?

the exhaust opening is not large enough


areas or locations that do not have exhaust openings can be effectively ventilated by?

using multiple blowers


measurements during actual fire operations have indicated that positive pressure ventilation can reduce CO concentrations of 1000 ppm to approximately?

130 to 220 ppm


overhaul operations are conducted for the purpose of all of the following?

ensuring the fire is completely out
determining the probable fire cause
leaving the owner or insurance adjusters some means of determining the loss


for standard entrance opening, maximum effectiveness of positive pressure ventilation with multiple blowers is achieved with the placement of blowers?

in series


removing screens from windows prior to using the window for ventilation purposes will increase the efficiency of these openings by at least?

50 percent


buildings with multiple floors can be ventilated by systematically ventilating each floor starting ?

where there is the most heat and smoke


water turbine blowers provide more than? the cubic feet of air per minute more than a like sized gasoline powered blower



positive pressure ventilation is most efficient when the exhaust opening is between? to ? the size o the entrance opening?

3/4, 1-3/4


the effectiveness of using positive pressure ventilation during overhaul operations is determined by?

the size of the overhaul area
the type of overhaul materials
size and number of blowers being used


when notifying OCD (MFD) of a sheared hydrant, which of the following information should be included?

hydrant location, if hydrant has been shut off, number of valves operated


when a head is activated, water immediately flows from activated heads. the best describes what type of sprinkler system?

automatic wet pipe system


to charge this system with water, it is necessary to for fire dept. apparatus to pump into the fire dept. connection to supply water to activated heads. this best describes what type of sprinkler system?

non automatic system


all shut off valves should be slowly closed and opened to avoid?

water hammer


fire hydrant gate valves should only be operated to?

shut down a sheared hydrant


natural gas is ? than air, which results in escaping natural gas? and? dissipating?

lighter, rising, rapidly


the national color code for newer installations of pipe transporting natural gas is?



the first priority upon arrival on the scene of a reported natural gas incident is?



when dealing with a natural gas leak in a plastic pipe which of the following procedures should be initially performed when attempting to stop the leak?

fog down the plastic pipe with a wetting agent such as wet water to prevent ignition form static electricity


considerations at a natural gas fire should include all of the following?

protect exposures
let the gas burn off until the supply is shut off
maintain site secruty


natural gas leaks can be divided into? categories. while each leak has its own dangers and concerns, the greatest danger results from?

large diameter service lines


what are the advantages of positive ventilation?

reduced noise level
personnel are not exposed to haz. interior contaminated while positioning blowers
exterior positioned blowers are efficient in removing contaminates at the top, bottom, and corners of a room or building


the air rescue cushion rating is based on what factors?

maximum floor level from which a person may fall
the ability of the person falling to properly hit the target


the cushion is inflated by a separate blower through an air tube or sock and comes with electric blower.

two, one half horsepower


electricity for the blowers can be supplied by a variety of sources including?

on board generator
portable generator
110 AC power supply


if an air cushion is torn or punctured during an opeation, it should?

not seriously affect its capability


the air rescue cushion will fully inflate in?

less than 60 seconds


if there is a potential for multiple jumpers, after jumping have the person immediately roll off cushion and allow? seconds for re inflation for readiness to take another jumper.



if two jumpers must fall at the same time, they should be instructed to?

hug each other


maintenance for the air rescue cushion includes all of the following?

the cushion shall be inspected after use
inspect the cushion monthly
minor cuts and tears can be repaired with the tear kit that accompanies the cushion
cushion can be cleaned with cold water and a deck brush


if possible, the desired power supply for the air rescue cushion blowers is?

110 AC power supply


the responsibility to move two, 18 inch gas powered blowers to the target area as a back up at an air rescue cushion deployment lies with?

200 series engineer


the major difference in rescuing trapped passengers from hydraulic or cable elevators is?

method used to lower the elevator to the floor level


hydraulic elevators are generally limited to ? story buildings.



the equipment rooms for hydraulic elevators are normally located?

at the lower level of a building


in the event of an earthquake, all elevators should be stopped with the ? and all equipment should be checked for damage prior to attempting to remove passengers.

main power switch


when it has been determined that there is an inoperative elevator with trapped occupants, personnel equipped with portable radios should be positioned at which of the following locations?

elevator equipment room
floor where the elevator in inoperable


natural gas pipelines may contain hazardous contaminants such a PCBs. if any liquid flows from a natural gas pipe, the proper procedures would be?

treat as a hazardous material and notify a Haz Mat company

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