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the overall responsibility for the control and maintenance of dept. forms rests with the?

forms control officer


a permanent dept. form with a ? prefix preceding the number. these forms have varied retention periods.



the fire code states that all fire prevention records shall be maintained for a period of not less than ? from the date of making such record.

3 years


fire prevention files are strictly confidential. refer any questions by citizens concerning your fire prevention files to ?

arson investigation unit


the journal is retained for a period of ? after last entry date at point of origin. it is then forwarded to ?

1 year
manuals and orders unit


in the case of non concurrence with the content of an F 225, intermediate officers shall type ? in their signature block and attach an F 225 cover letter with additional info as appropriate.

see attached F225


the F 8 (roster change) shall be completed and forwarded whenever a member changes any info, which differs from records on file. any changes shall be?

underlined in red


DWC form 1 complies with state law by providing injured workers with a mandated claim form within ? or ? of a request knowledge that an injury, illness, or exposure has been or may been sustained.

24 hours
one business day


the state DWC form 1 is forwarded?

whenever the member receives medical tx


in the event a platoon duty member is off duty and wishes to report a work related injury while off duty, the state DWC form 1 is?

mailed via the US postal service


Form SD, notice to comply, is a dept. of building and safety from to require that permanently wired smoke detectors be installed in multiple unit residential occupancies containing ? or more dwelling units.



the responsibility for press relations during an emerg. incident lies with?

the officer in charge


if a member of the press desires to climb a ladder or enter a building, he/she may be allowed under what situations?

after they have been warned of any unsafe conditions


on duty contacts with either the office of the mayor, city council, other elected officials, or staff members of their offices shall be promptly reported to?

chief of staff


the primary factor in developing and maintaining a desirable dept. community relations program is?

personal conduct of each member


portable radios shall be tested in conjunction with a mobile unit, at a minimum?



The F 63 she'll be used by stations to report the activities of inspections and reinspections. The F 63 should be forwarded on eight? Basis to the battalion office, no later then?

the last working shift of the quarter


The F 100 she'll be used by members to propose a change in the method or procedure, or to suggest a new method of procedure, or to discontinue the use of the method or procedure. The F 100 should be forwarded to?

Manuals and orders unit


If the employee is unavailable or unable to sign the F166B, The form shall be held at assignment for?, After that?, The form should be placed in an envelope for mailing and forwarded to the?, Who? Utilizing city mail, will immediately mail the form to the employee via the US Postal Service.

Eight days,
eighth day,
battalion commander


Any member may submit material for publication in the weekly bulletin. Material shall be submitted so as to arrive at the ? By ? Hours on the Monday, preceding the week of publication.

Public service unit


Every special permit granted in accordance with these provisions shall be issued for a specific period of time. No special permit shall be issued for a period longer than ? After date of granting.

One year


Station and unit commanders show locate and record the mileage for all apparatus assigned to their command, including reserve apparatus in the relief at other assignments and apparatus that has been sent to supply and maintenance. The F380 she'll be forwarded to supply maintenance by that? After the end of the?

10 day,
fiscal year


Any long-term vacancies she'll be a vacancy not including vacation, over? Days. Any deviation from this procedure she'll need to be approved by the?

bureau commander


No member shall be permitted to work additional S OD hours if such S OD hours would cause a member to work in excess of? Consecutive hours without first rotating the S OD opportunity throughout the? Concerned.



The F1150 is issued to record an approval or disapproval of requests for outside employment, or if there is a change in off-duty employment status. Only? Approved F1150 should be on file at any given time. The membership forward the completed F1150 through channels to the? For final approval.

bureau commander


Which of the following forms is utilized when a member commits an act warrants recognition, Commendatory act were exceptional performance?

FG 79


The Cal OSHA 200 is an an annual log and summary of cal OSHA recordable occupational injuries and illnesses entertained and company files for?

Five years

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