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when S and M office are closed, field commanders shall direct emergency requests for supplies to?

metro dispatch


the repair of dept. issued office equip (typewrtier, paper shredders, time clocks, etc.) shall be arranged through?

building admin section


the individual responsible for ensuring that all items listed in Volume 4 under dept. property is returned by any member who separates from dept. service is?

the immediate supervisor


effective august 1, 2007, the dept. utilizes a ? boot PPE system.



members are issued one pair of each type of safety. boot. boots are replaced when they wear out. normally, it is expected that each boot will last?

3 years


any member who receives safety boots that do not fit properly should contact?

S and M


any member receiving new uniforms that do not properly fit, shall not remove the tags or launder the garments. they shall be returned to?

either the vendor who provided or S and M


apparatus shall be operated and cared for in accordance with?

dept. manuals
instructions reveived from S and M


an emerg. repair to an apparatus is defined as all of teh following?

an accidental repair that requires immediate action
repairs that are required at the scene of a large scale emergency
a repair of any vehicle that has been placed out of service
a repair that would cause the vehicle to operate in violation of any law


the modification and alteration of apparatus requires the approval of?

bureau commander, ESB
bureau commander, training and support bureau
admin operations chief deputy


on weekends and holidays, vehicles that are placed off duty due to either damage or needed repairs shall be stored in their own quarters or the location vacated by the relief apparatus. in cases where this is not possible, ? shall determine an appropriate l ocation.

concerned battalion commander


the responsibility for removal of all equipment and any foreign material from the rescue ambulance prior to turning the ambulance over to S and M, lies with?

members delivering the apparatus to S and M


if there is a need to tow an apparatus as a result of an accident, apparatus shall be towed to?

central shops


service that if not made would result in damage to persons or property or could seriously hamper emergency operations of the dept. best descirbes?

emergency service


within ? of the date of an officers arrival, he/she shall conduct a change of command inventory check of the inventories for which they are responsible for?

10 days


lost or stolen items will be replaced after forwarding a requisition through channels to the bureau commander. in addition, any inventory item worth more than ? requires a report be filed at the police dept. of the jurisdiction where the loss occurred



members may be reimbursed from the petty cash fund for expedited purchases made with their own money, provided such expenditures do not exceed ? for any one item exclusive of sales tax.



the modification and alteration of apparatus requires the final approval of?

admin operations chief deputy


individuals wishing to purchase discarded items should be referred to ?

dept. of general services


as shop towels red rags, become soiled, they shall be tied in bundles of? tagged with ? and forwarded to battalion headquarters or a designated station.

duplicate F 175 tags


waste oil will be picked up on an as needed basis. station commanders shall call ? to schedule a pick up.

storeroom counter


department issued bedspreads are laundered ? in accordance with schedules issued in weekly bulletins

twice a year


any cylinder with more than ? pounds of pressure is considered a haz mat.



any apparatus carrying ? pounds or more of cylinders including the contents of those cylinders, are required to carry shipping papers which must be available in the cab during transport.



any apparatus carrying ? pounds or more of cylinders, including the contents of those cylinders, must be placarded, showing the type of cylinder being hauled



keys for high rise locks are an inventory item for each apparatus. if the key is lost, a replacement key may be obtained from?

S and M division


keys for fire road locks shall be requested on an F225 and forwarded to ?

FS 88


when the IC request LAPD for traffic or crowd control, the term ? should be used for requesting a police response.

meet the fire dept.


There are ? General types of first aid kits can use in the department.


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