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whos responsibility to ensure harassment free environment?

all employees


what is the definition of pranks and overworking?



increase liability if failure to act on sexual harassment complaint?

department and supervisor


the dept. provides equal opportunity to all members based on?



what are officers responsiblilties when dealing with harrassment?

schedule training and guidence


The full investigative responsibility for complaints of incidents of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and hazing lies with ?

Professional standards divisions EEO unit


The term complainant includes?

Uniform employees of the fire dept.
Civilian employees of the fire dept.
Non member of the fire dept.


The right to amend, supplement, or rescind any provisions of he DDPH is reserved by the?

board of fire commissioners


The responsibility for ensuring threat the workplace is free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation is?

All members


A complaint of retaliation may be filed and investigated under all of the following situations?

A person who opposes discrimination
Person who reports discrimination or harassment investigation
Person who participates in an unfounded discrimination or harassment investigation


Any action taken or create in the workplace,which causes or is likely to cause or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental hard to another member best defenses?



A hostile environment is conduct of an ? Nature that is sufficiently severe or pervasive so as to have the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.



Discrimination is defined as treating an individual differently in any employment practice or decision which results I unequal tx on the basis of the individuals membership in a protected class. In order to fall under the definition the differential tx must be?



Illegal harassment that create a hostile work environment generally requires several elements which includes all of the following?

Complaining party must specify the conduct was directed at a protected class applicable to them
Conduct was unwelcome
Unwelcome conducted affected a term or condition of employment ad/or had the purpose or effect o unreasonable interfering with her/her work performance and/or creating an intimidation get, hostile or offensive work environment


Hazing is acceptable under what circumstances?

Hazing is not permitted under any circumstances


A non supervisory member receives info in confidence about alleged discrimination or sexual harassment from another peer level member, he/she should?

Support and encourage the member to address his/her concerns


If a member makes an informal or unofficial complaint of discrimination to an officer, and does not wish to have it investigated, that officer shall?

Enter the complaint into CTS


Officers are responsible for ensuring their members understate the fire dept. zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment. Officer shall ensure that all members attend and complete training when mandate, to make them aware of?

Conduct that could be sound tried as sexual harassment
Consequences of such conduct


Internal procedures which may be used by an member to report experiencing or witnessing acts of discrimination and harassment, including hazing and retaliation include all of the following?

Personnel dept. EEO counsellors


Under which of the following situations can a supervisor be held liable for acts of discrimination and harassing conduct between members in the workplace?

Supervisor knew about the conduct but failed to act
Supervisor should have known about conduct, and failed to take appropriate corrective action
Supervisor condoned the conduct
Supervisor failed to take timely and appropriate corrective action


In order to deter sexual harassment, ? Must be taken.

Prompt and appropriate action


All officers, managers, and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their commands are free of sicrimination, harassment and retaliation by all of the following?

Scheduling appropriate training
Seeking guidance from proper resources
Promptly conveying or distributing related material as directed


Conduct of a verbal or physical nature that is sufficiently severe or pervasive so as to have the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with work performance or creating intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment best describes?

Hostile environment


The best tools for the elimination of sexual harassment in the workplace is?

Prevention and education


The fire dept. is committed to providing a work environment free from sexual harassment. The responsibility for the prevention sexual harassment in the workplace is?



Which of the following answers identify the types of sexual harassment?

Quid pro quo
Hostile work environment

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