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When transferring command to a chief of surgery, a face-to-face briefing shall occur unless committed to a tactical objectives. The briefing shall include any minimum, all of the following?

location and assignments of resources,
specific safety hazards, life and property loss potential,
additional resources needed to complete the IAP


What's the chief officer arrives and assumes command, the initial IC unless that officer is part of an initial fire attack, will remain at the ICP and assist with?

Incident management and accountability


In a high rise incident, a minimum of? Member initial attack team shall ascend to the reported fire floor.



When Shall a RIC be designated and dedicated to rapid intervention?

Upon the arrival of additional resources beyond the first alarm assignment


The initial I.C. shall remain in command until?

Incident command is past,
incident command is transferred,
the incident is stabilized and command terminated


For an engine company officer, establishing and assuming an exterior command position, limits the crew to assignments...?

Where safety and welfare is not a major concern


Should a command post company or EMS captain arrive on scene prior to the arrival of the battalion chief, they should?

Assist the IC in maintaining sitstat and restat


Whenever a captain two from a light force is the first arriving officer on scene or command is transferred from a captain one at a structure fire, the captain 2 shall assume command of the incident. Light force commander shall remain in the street?

When the incident is going to require deployment of more then a task force


Command is transferred to improve?

The quality of the command organization


Members operating in an IDLH atmosphere should operate in teams of two or more. Team members she'll be in communication through all of the following means?

guide ROPE


No roof coating operation shall be performed without the presence of a?

Dedicated safety member


Passing command is indicated when the initial commitment of the first arriving company requires a full crew. In order to prevent a gap in critical condition process, passing or transferring command she'll be?

To an officer who is on scene


The minimum number of members available for rapid intervention for the rescue members operating at an incident is?



A single engine Company me operate safely and comply with the two in\two out standard by committing to members outside the I DLH atmosphere for standby. In order for the engineer to be one of the standby members, he\she cannot be?

Supplying water to multiple lines inside the I DLH


I see will assign each rescue ambulance assigned to a specific company when assigned to fire suppression operations. Documentation to properly account for and track the ambulance status on the dispatch printout is achieved by?

Circling the resource responsible once you sign it is verified


Used in NFPA 1500 to indicate a member of any rink that serves as an assistant to a member of the command and general staff. Lou of dedicated emergency incident technician, the staff aid function will be performed by which of the following?

Company officer from the first alarm assignment,
command post company personnel,
EMS captain

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