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the core values that guid our behavior are?

service, innovation respect, trust, professionalism, initiative, integrity


the dept. service statements are directed to?

residents, dept., each other, ourselves


which of the following answers best describes the dept. focus?

responding rapidly to emergencies, providing appropriate intervention and providing community education


the responsibility to establish a schedule for training, equip. and facility rental and tuition for the training of members of outside agencies lies with ?

fire commission


the fire chief has the power and duty to appoint , discharge, suspend, transfer or issue instructions to members (civilian and uniformed) of the dept. other than?

chief accounting employee
fire commission secretary


Commanders of a department subdivisions receiving requests or renewal subscription for professional publications, surveys, offers a free book, etc. She'll forward such requests to?

Administrative services bureau


The order of preference to maintain contact with MFC went out of quarters with firefighting apparatus is?? And?

private phone,


The number one department goal is?

Develop an organization to affectively administer and manage the department


A composite a permanent policies and procedures stab list by the Fire Chief is identified as the?

Manuals of operations


Revisions to the manual of operations will be done through?

LA FD information portal


All notices and bulletins posted on the LAF D information library will be deleted from you after?

30 days


A directive issued by the Fire Chief administration department affairs best defines?

Special order


The departmental bulletin me originate from any bureau but is routed through and approved by the emergency operations or administrative operations office. Department bulletins are retained for?

Until usefulness has passed

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