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The blue account indicator indicates what?

Indicator is informational


In Account info, what does the red indicator mean?

Account is pending a disconnect or disconnected (can be voluntary disco or non-pay disco)


X1 On Demand Streaming is not available on?

Kindle Fire


The yellow account indicator indicates what?

A warning or alert about the account



This fee refers to the annual regulatory fees that the Federal Communications Commission collects to recover the cost of its enforcement, policy and rulemaking, user information, and international activities.


What are 5 of the 9 genres you can filter by in the Channel Lineup?

Music, Sports, Local, News & Info, Children & Family, Movies, Lifestyle, Help & Services and Multicultural


After loading an account, users with access to Einstein Service can see this in the center panel?

Interactive Troubleshooting Guides (ITG's)


Name 5 of  the 10 options you can enter into Einstein to access a customer's account?

Phone #, Account #, CR Ticket Number, First Name, Last Name, Postal Address, Zip, Mac Address, DNS Lookup, Email Address/Username, or previous accounts through dates.


How many times are addresses updated in the BAM! Tool?

3 times a day


Which link do you use to see if there has been at least one Trouble Call scheduled on the account within the last 30 days?

Recent TC Link


What is the Primary Box used in an X1 AnyRoom DVR setup?



In Einstein, what is the first search box under find customer?

Phone number


If a Customer Calls In demanding to be put on the do not call/ do not mail list, where would you go in Einstein to do this?

My Useful Links > DNC/DNM Tool


What section indicates whether or not the customer is part of a reported outage?

Network Health section


What are three methods New XFINITY Voice customers can receive their CPNI PIN?

1) Automated call2) Email (if account has existed for 30 days or more)3) US mail (Einstein Document ID POL1035)


Where can you see if any Open Work Orders are on an Xfinity Customer Account in Einstein?

Account Health > Open Work Orders


What does a yellow circle indicate in the email Indicator?

The email is missing.


What are the steps for scheduling a Drop Bury Special Request Order in Einstein?

Toolkits > TV > Account > Special Request Order


If A Customer is moving and wants to find out if the area they are moving to has Comcast service, where would you go in Einstein to find out this information?

My Useful Links > Movers Transfer > Type in Zip Code


How many times are inventory levels refreshed every day in the BAM! Tool?

20-30 minutes


Where would you go in Einstein to troubleshoot a customer having issues ordering a PPV?

TV > PPV Issues > Unable to Order PPV


In what way does Einstein implement Social Media-Like Information Sharing?

Through news feeds and alerts that are specific to the employee, their role, and their location.(Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


Name 3 specifications of a set-top box that you can find in Einstein?

1) Set Top Box Name 2) Set-top Make 3) Set-top Model 4) Set Top Type 5) STB Serial Number 6) STB MAC Address


What is the path you would take to provide a detailed record of the payment history?

Account Health > Account Info > View Billing Details


When using the Recommend a Change option in Einstein, how long before an Einstein Team member will respond?

Within two business days. (Document ID HOW4306)


How to Sign up for Paperless Billing with Ecobill?

1) Sign in to My Account. 2) Click the blue Request paperless bills cube below your account details.3) Select the Online button to get Ecobill. 4) Select the check box to agree with the Comcast Ecobill Terms of Service and click the yellow Save bill preferences button. (Document ID HOW3275)


What wiring is the responsibility of Comcast?

Our Xfinity TV service system to your residenceAerial or underground drop to the point of entry to your residence or approximately 12inches outside the homeComcast owned equipment that you may be leasing.


In order to stream X1 content from their mobile device

Customers must be connected to their in-home XFINITY network


What color and shape is the indicator when Ecobill or auto-pay is enabled?

A green circle


What website can a customer go to Opt Out of Receiving More Relevant Advertising relating to Comcast Xfinity services?

http://www.comcast.com/adservices. (Document ID HOW3252)


Public Utility Commission Tax (PUCAC)

This tax is imposed to fund the cost of administration.


What path do you take in Einstein to check the PPV limit of a customer?

Diagnostics > TV > VOD/PPV


This section provides key billing information about the customer's account?

Account Info


Is Closed Captioning available for 3D programming?

No, closed captioning is not available. (Document ID TLK1024)


When searching for an article using the center panel search bar, the ITG's do what?

They stay hidden and search results will display instead.


In the Open Tickets section of Account Health, name 3 of the 4 pieces of information provided about an open trouble ticket on a customer’s account?

1) Ticket number2) Reason (problem code)3) Date and time ticket was opened4) Whether or not a truck roll has been scheduled


Where to Access The Legacy Channel Lineup in Einstein?

My Useful Links > Legacy Channel Lineup


Where would I find the system requirements of the XFINITY TV website?



Where would you go to see if there is an active/pending Trouble Call on the account?

Account Health>Open Work Orders


Regulatory Recovery Fee

This fee recovers costs that XFINITY Voice incurs to ensure adequate support of various public services and to support various regulatory programs. These costs may include charges imposed by state and local governments to help pay for emergency services, such as fire and rescue, and for the relay center that transmits and translates calls for hearing-impaired and speech-impaired individuals. The Regulatory Recovery Fee also recovers costs related to state programs that guarantee affordable voice services for all Americans, including consumers with low incomes, those living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high, schools, libraries, and other programs. The Regulatory Recovery Fee is not a tax or a government-required fee.


What path would you use to find the specs for a particular make and model of a cable box, Modem, or eMTA?

My Useful Links > Device Library


This section indicates the conditions impacting service delivery to a customer’s home such as a set-top box, modem and eMTA health, XFINITY On Demand and Pay Per View health, network health and more?

Diagnostics Section


What is Closed Captioning?

Closed Captioning is a text transcript of the audio portion of a program as it occurs (either verbatim or in edited form) that appears on a customer's television screen. (Document ID TLK1024)


What path do you use to locate the PPV/VOD limit, usage, remaining credit, as well as recent purchases?

Diagnostics > TV > VOD/PPV


How far back can you view a Customer's Previous bills in Einstein?

12 Months


Name the Four Areas located on the main screen of Einstein.

1) Top Menu Bar2) Left Menu Bar3) Right Menu Bar4) Center Panel(Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


What path do you use to find the Primary UID of a Xfinity customer in Einstein?

Diagnostics > Internet > Email


What path in Einstein can you find pictures and wiring diagrams of the Customer's devices?

Diagnostics>TV>Select Device>Select Device Image


Why is it recommended that Care Agents Suggest Professional Installation for more than three devices? .

To ensure optimal signal strength to the customer’s home. (Einstein Document ID POL1729)


What do ITG's Provide?

All the Troubleshooting Steps On One Covenient to use screen


FCC Line Charge

This charge is a local access charge.


State and Local Sales Tax

The rate for sales taxes varies by state and/or locality. The customer owes the State and Local Sales tax to the state or local government and Comcast acts as a collection and remittance agent.


The channel lineup for the customer's area displays which following columns?

SD, HD, Channel, Lowest Package and Subscribed


Customer Centric Content is:

Content That Is Specific To The Customer and the Products they have


What is the recommended browser for Einstein?

Internet Explorer


Where can you find a customer's additional phone numbers, the Node, Franchise Area, rate Center in Einstein?

The "Pull Down" tab located in the center of the Top Menu


What service can you get unlimited covered service calls with no contracts, hassle-free replacement and repair of defective customer inside wiring, service calls due to customer education or customer owned equipment connected to your XFINITY services, & confidence that if there is a problem with any XFINITY service, Comcast will take care of without charging a service fee?

Service Protection Plan (SPP)


Franchise Tax

This tax is charged by local cities to allow Comcast to use their property, such as utility poles and alleys. It is not a profit for Comcast and varies from city to city.


What are the Einstein ITG's for troubleshooting a Closed Captioning TV issue for a customer?

TV > Audio Issues > Closed Captioning Issues


Name 6 of the 34 National Links under Useful Links?

.com Voice Local Calling AreaACEA - Automated Customer Equipment AddsAgreement PortalBAMBilling Prorate CalculatorCasper Channel Lineup (Legacy)Certified Modem ListComcast Employee Courtesy ServicesCompetitive EdgeCTNACustomer Device Database - Including EOL DevicesDevice LibraryDNC/DNM ToolEinstein Channel LineupEROne (Escalation Resolution)Go 2 BroadbandLCAT - Local Calling Area ToolLegacy Agreement Portal (Prior to 11/1/12)Move Equipment ToolMovers EdgeMovers TransferOutage BoardPinnacleRemote Control CodesService Center LookupSIK LookupSpeed TestTeamComcastVerify a Rate CenterVerizon OnePOSVoice International RatesWireless Gateway Help and SupportXFINITY WiFi Hotspot MapZip Code Lookup


What are the two ways an MDU can be billed?

either individually to the resident or in bulk for the whole complex


What are the Einstein ITG's for troubleshooting a customer not being able to send emails?

Internet > Email Issues > Cannot Send Emails


How do you add to favorites in Einstein menu?

Pull up Einstein Doc, Click "Add To favorites" located In the Right Menu bar.


Franchise Related Cost (FRC)

These costs are associated with benefits to the community, such as public access equipment including cameras and studio equipment, and/or an I-Net that links municipal buildings for 2 way cable and data communication.These benefits were part of an agreement negotiated between Comcast and the local officials.


The Google-like interface for word search and auto-complete capabilities in Einstein is referred to as what?

Smart Search (Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


In proximity check, what does a yellow flag mean?

Degraded Signal Strength


Utility Tax (UT)

Most utility taxes range from 5-8%. The utility tax is a percentage of the customer's entire bill including franchise fees. A community can choose to charge a Utility tax by passing a city or county ordinance. The ordinance dictates the percentage of the Utility tax to be paid by a customer.The percentage of the Utility tax differs from community to community and some communities do not charge a Utility tax at all.


Where is the Email indicator located?

The top panel.


Where can you view a customer's previous bills in Einstein?

Account health > Account Info Tab > View Billing details


Sales Tax (SALTX)

This tax is imposed on user or seller of products and services in which tax is a debt from the consumer to the vendor. The sales tax is applied against taxable customers and revenue.


Universal Connectivity Charge

This charge recovers costs that IP-enabled voice service providers are required to contribute to the Federal Universal Service Fund, which supports federal programs that guarantee affordable voice services for all Americans, including consumers with low incomes, those living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high, schools, libraries, and rural health care facilities. The Universal Connectivity Charge is not a tax or government-required fee.


What panel in Einstein includes Network Health, Account health, and Diagnostics Section?

Left Menu Bar


According to Einstein, Comcast's description of the general rules of the road for using XFINITY Internet Service is called what?

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)(Document ID HOW3496)


Community Access Fee (CAF)

This fee refers to charges associated with franchise agreements for community access programs.


In Account info, what does the green indicator mean?

Account is current


What are the steps in the home visit checklist?

On all Appointments:Confirm and repeat the customer's preferred contact numberAdvise the customer of Comcast's pre-call proceduresConfirm and repeat the day, date and time of the technician's arrivalVerify someone at least 18 years of age will be at the homeVerify the number of televisions, computers, phone lines and/or phone jacks that need to be installed or are affected with the same service issueAdvise the customer that access to all service related equipment will be necessary


Where in Einstein can you create a new UID for the customer?

Top Menu Bar > More Actions > Users & Preferences Tab.


The Service Protection Plan Definitions

The service protection plan covers service calls that1. Require repairs to twisted pair telephone wiring, Xfinity TV wiring and/or Xfinity internet service wiring located inside your home and/or2. Identify whether the source of a service problem resides within the inside wiring or your on-premise equipment. Inside wiring covered under this plan is owned by you or a third party and is defined as wiring within (on your side of) the point just on your side of the terminating equipment or box located at or about 12 inches outside of your unit or residence and extending to the individual phone jacks and cable and internet outlets and extensions in your home. If you do not subscribe to the Service Protection Plan, Comcast will repair only using wiring related to the service we provide to you, and for doing so we will charge certain fees. Repair and maintenance of wire beginning about 12 inches outside of your residence and extending to the phone jacks and cable and internet outlets and extensions in your residence is our responsibility, except for non-xfinity voice customers where the wiring is owned by another telephone service provider, or unless there is deliberate damage to the wiring outside of your home,


The VOD/PPV indicator tracks what?

Pay Per View (PPV) credit limits, inhibited status and XFINITY On Demand Errors.


How do you turn on helpful tips on the Einstein?

Click the circle with the question mark.


In what format can you view the customer's billing details?



Subscriber Line Charge

Comcast does not charge federal or state subscriber line charges for its XFINITY Voice service, providing great savings for the customer. The Federal Communications Commission has authorized regulated telephone companies to assess a federal Subscriber Line Charge to cover a portion of the costs of their local networks. Many regulated telephone companies, including most regional Bell operating companies, assess this fee, which can range up to $6.50 per month, per line or greater. Additionally, some state public utilities commissions permit regulated telephone companies to assess an additional state Subscriber Line Charge to compensate for part of the companies' costs of providing the local network associated with state services. XFINITY Voice customers can avoid these costly federal or state Subscriber Line Charges.


What would a Red Indicator next to the "Sik Eligible" Tab in Einstein Indicate?

Shows Conditions At The Home 'Are Poor' For SIK Success.


Which functionality enables you to search for another customer's account using detailed search criteria?

Next Customer Button


What Is The Recommended (but Not Required) Limit for Self-Install devices according to Einstein?

Three (Document ID POL1729)


Provides a detailed record of any trouble tickets submitted on behalf of the customer?

Account History > Ticket History


Where in Einstein can you identify what type of equipment is listed on a customer's account?

Left menu bar, Under diagnostics.


In the Channel Lineup screen, you can filter channels by what?

Filter by package, filter by keyword, filter by channel type and filter by channel genre


Name the Three types of documents you can email to customers using Einstein.

1) Channel Lineups2) Service Centers, 3) Help Documents (Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


Provides name and NT login details of all agents who have accessed the account over the past 30 days?

Top Menu > Account History > View History > CAE Lookup


Provides a detailed record of customer-driven events?

Account History > Customer History


In the Channel Lineup, what do the blue dots indicate?

The customer subscribes to the channel.


Name Three of the Indicator types in the Top Menu Bar of Einstein?

1) Contract 2) Comcast Email 3) Missing Alt 4) Xfinity Insider 5) Seasonal


Name Four Benefits of Having Xfinity on the X1 Operating System?

1) Advanced Search2) Personalized Recommendations and Customization3) Fastest Wi-Fi4) Advanced DVR5) Apps Right On Your TV6) Last Watched7) Integrate XFINITY Voice Service8) Voice Control9) Web Videos on your TV10) Live Streaming11) Whole Home XFINITY On Demand(EINSTEIN Doc ID PRD1106)


Name The voicemail platform used for CDV

IP Unity (Document ID PRD1012)


What wiring is the responsibility of the customer?

all wiring, (inside and outside) after the point of entry to your residencetv wiringphone wiringdata wiring to modemAll fittings, amplifiers, and outlets inside the residenceCustomer's computers and wired or wireless Ethernet networkRemote control battery replacement


What Option in Einstein would you use to email a self help article to a customer through Einstein?

The "Send to a Customer" option


What are the Einstein ITG's for troubleshooting a "Weak or No Signal" message in Einstein?

TV > No Picture Error Message > Weak Or No Signal Message


How would you email a channel lineup in Einstein?

Channel Lineup > Send To Customer


The green account indicator indicates what?

Important positive information about the account


What are the three Integrated Systems that make up Einstein?

1) Billing 2) Ticket 3) Troubleshooting (Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


How would you find in Einstein the latest On Demand releases that Xfinity customers may rent through their set top boxes?

Type "On Demand" in the search and select the "XFINITY On Demand Monthly Overview" doc


What Website can a comcast customer go to for an additional help an support?

http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/ (Document ID HOW4306)


Name 3 of the specs you can find after looking up a customer in Einstein?

1) Health of Internet, Voice, Video. 2) Info about customer owned or leased equipment, 3) VOD PPV Limit, 4) Recent Video Purchases.


Do all Dolby Digital® programs feature full 5.1 surround sound?

No. In some cases, the programs may only contain left and right stereo audio. (Document ID HOW3390)


What does a Red Indicator under Home Integrity in Einstein indicate?

Performance is Outside of Acceptable Specifications.


What kind of email notifies the customer that their new statement is ready and CPNI-related notifications can be viewed?

Auto-Generated Emails


Where in Einstein would you go to help a customer set up their wireless gateway?

My Useful Links > Wireless Gateway Help and Support


What can you find out using account indicators in Einstein?

Help identify missing email information and recent trouble call activity.


In proximity check, what does a blue flag mean?

Customer's Info


Allows users to take both Credit Card and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments from within Einstein without the need to swivel to the biller?

Payment Widget


Any email alerts that the customer has signed up for on My Account, such as statement alerts, late notices, payment confirmation, Xfinity On Demand orders, etc?

My Account Email Subscriptions


Where would you look in Einstein to find a make and model of a modem to determine what speeds the device supports ?

Device Library, Under the Useful Links Tab.


An active/pending Special Request Order on the account.

SRO Link


The red account indicator indicates what?

An issue with the account


Can a Care Agent send any article in Einstein to a customer?

No. Currently, only How To documents (prefix HOW) can be sent to a customer


Which tool do agents have the ability to view customer service center locations and inventory before referring a customer to a location or locating the UPS Store to return equipment?

BAM (Box Availability Matrix) Tool


What Panel of Einstein can you use Smart Search?

Center Panel


How is a Customer closed Ticket Entered in Einstein?

By Completing ITG's.


Where In Einstein would you find rates for International Calls?

My Useful Links > Voice International Rates


Which link opens a pop up window with customer-specific information related to Contact History, Ticket History, Customer History and CAE Lookup information?

Account History


What are 3 of the 4 areas of information located in the Account Health Tab?

1) Account Info 2) Open Tickets 3)Open Work Orders 4)Sik Eligible


What does a Yellow Indicator under Home Integrity in Einstein indicate?

Performance Is Outside of Ideal specifications


How many X1 applications are available on the non-DVR RNG150 and what are they?

5: 1) Horoscopes 2) Sports 3) Stocks 4) Traffic 5) Weather


What are the Filters for the note date range for Account History in Einstein?

1 - 90 Days


What is the link you use to see if a customer has called in to the Repair queue two or more times in the last 30 days?

Repeat Call Link


This link evaluates the scores that were returned for the Integrity values on each of the devices in the customer’s home and, based on those scores, determines if the account is eligible for any type of SIK

SIK Eligible Link


Gross Receipts Tax (International) (GRIAX)

This tax is a revenue surcharge on utilities, such as gross receipts for telecommunications services attributable to the state on International services.


Name Three of the Benefits of using Einstein

1)Allows you to have vital customer info at your fingertips. 2) Allows you to better answer questions for the customer the right time the first time3) Allows you to email Comcast related information to the customer (Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


What would a Grey Indicator next to the "Sik Eligible" Tab in Einstein Indicate?

Shows Conditions At The Home 'Cannot be Determined' For SIK Success.


The method utilized by the Constant Guard Protection Suite that camouflages your keystrokes to hide them from password-stealing BOTS is called what?

Keystroke Encryption(Document ID PRD1012)


Where can you Find Competitive Edge in Einstein?

Under the "More Actions" tab in the Top Menu Bar.


If the indicator is gray in the SIK Eligible Link, that indicates what?

That the information was not returned, but the account is still eligible for a SIK.


Where do you go in Einstein to troubleshoot a XOD ERR code?

TV > Xfinity On Demand (XOD) Issues > XOD ERR Errors


What information can you access under the "Diagnostics" indicator in Einstein?

Home Integrity


What 3 ways can you look up an ITG?

Red diagnostics or outages may recommend an ITG, type in the symptom the customer is experiencing in the search bar or view the list of ITGs by LOB and select the appropriate one


What did the FCC require programmers to provide for all new programming, including content that appears on the XFINITY On Demand platform As of January 1, 2006?

Closed Captioning (Document ID HOW4306)


What is the limit of simultaneous DVR streams on the X1 RNG150s?

3 (Document ID HOW6170)


In the Channel Information screen, name 3 of the 4 types of information that is displayed.

The channel and/or network nameAll packages the channel is included inThe current program airing on the channelA description of the programInformation of when the program airs.


How do you find The Agreement Portal in Einstein?

Under the "My Useful Links" Tab.


Franchise Fee

The Cable Act allows local governments to collect "franchise fees" on the sale of "cable services." The amount of the Franchise fee is set by the local government or by state law. Comcast collects and gives the Franchise fees to the local government. A Franchise agreement is a formal legal agreement with a government or regulatory agency that defines the terms and conditions under which Comcast as a cable operator may operate its cable system within the specified Federal Communications Commission community area. Comcast pays a Franchise fee to exercise the rights granted to it under the Franchise agreement. Franchise fees and tax amounts differ from one specified Federal Communications Commission community area to another, based on the franchise or other agreement in place between Comcast and such government or regulatory agency. The fees are often a small percentage of the total XFINITY TV service costs and are itemized on the monthly billing statement. Note: This fee does not include the cost of XFINITY Internet.


What type of PC is not compatible with Constant guard?

Mac (Document ID PRD1012)


E 911 Surcharge

This charge refers to the 911 Emergency surcharge.


The link used to clear your previous search?

Home Link


What are the ITG's in Einstein for troubleshooting a "No sound" Video issue?

TV > Audio Issues > No Audio


What color & icon indicates that the customer is part of a reported outage?

Red square


What are three ways you can find what you are looking for using Einstein Smart search?

1) Keyword2) Document ID3) Common Problems(Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


Federal Excise Tax (FETTX)

This tax operates like a sales tax. However, the Federal Excise Tax is imposed on a specific product or service. This tax applies against taxable customers and revenue.


Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) Fee

Comcast collects this fee for the city or town to support the community access cable channels and the costs associated with access TV productions. The percentage amount of the fee is stated in a town's cable license agreement. It can range from 0% to 6.25% depending on the town's community access needs. The Public, Educational, and Governmental fee is based on a percentage of the customer's cable service bill (not XFINITY Internet or XFINITY Voice). For this reason, the amount collected varies from one customer's bill to another's depending on their level of cable service.


What is the path that a Care Agent can access Competitive Edge in Einstein?

Top Menu Bar > More Actions > Competitive Edge


What is the path in Einstein where you would look up the status of a SIK shipment?

My Useful Links > SIK Lookup


Where do you find information regarding the Health of a Customer's account?

Account Health


In proximity check, what does a red flag mean?

Offline Devices


What can sending an article to a Comcast Subscriber do for a customer?

Improve customer satisfaction. (Document ID HOW4306)


What is a design philosophy where the loss of the cable and other passive devices before an amplifier station equal the gain of the amplifier station.

Unity Gain(Document ID PRD1012)


After accessing an article in Einstein, what can you do what with it?

Provide a rating, print the article, add to favorites, recommend a change, email to co-worker, email to customer, view related content and view any associated definitions.


What color and shape is the indicator when Ecobill or auto-pay is disabled?

A yellow inverted triangle


What does Einstein do to let a care agent know when to request an email from the customer?

An alert will pop up once the account loads


What color is the indicator when the customer has a pending disconnection order that is reason-coded as "voluntary?"

Red (P Disconnect Link)


Where can you find details of a Customers Set top box in Einstein?

Diagnostics > TV


Step By Step guides that support the agent to help resolve customer supported issues are referred to as what?

Interactive Troubleshooting Guides(Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


What color is the indicator when the customer has a pending disconnection order that is reason-coded as "voluntary?"

Red (P Disconnect Link)


What is the website to go to when upgrading your end of life modem?



State and Local 911 Tax

This is a monthly tax that helps states and localities fund the 911 and E911 systems and networks that facilitate provision of emergency services, such as fire, police, and rescue. The customer owes the State and Local 911 tax to the state or local government and Comcast acts as a collection and remittance agent.


Provides a summery of emails sent to the customer, including auto-generated emails, my account email subscriptions, and emails by agents sent to Einstein?

Email History


How do you access a non-subscriber's channel lineup?

Click My Useful Links>More Useful Links>National Links>Einstein Channel Lineup


State Communications Services Tax

This tax is collected by Comcast but it is set by the state and passed directly on to the state.Any further questions about the tax, such as how the tax is set and what is the tax used for should be directed to state government.


How long are alerts available to view in Einstein

7 Days


In What section Of Einstein would you be able to find both Speed Test, Agreement Portal and the Billing Prorate Calculator?

My Useful Links


In the Open Work Orders sections, agents are able to see what information?

All open work orders on a customer’s account.The work order type (Install, Change of Service, Disconnect, SRO, Trouble Call)Scheduled Date & TimeTech ETA when available.


On the right hand side of the MAIN PAGE, what is the last drop down menu?

New & Updated Documents.


Name 3 things found under the Account Info screen?

Status IndicatorAuto Pay IndicatorEcobill IndicatorPrevious balanceInhibitedPast due amountPayment information (Current statement balance, amount of recent payments, amount of any pending payments, applicable credits)Balance dueUnbilled charges


What are the 3 ways to Find The Correct ITG?

1) Recommended2) Select3) Searching


On the Xfinity TV Go app, an orange key on one of the channels means what?

An orange key means that you don’t currently subscribe to the channel that provides the selected content. (Document ID HOW3579)


What are quick links to look up the customer's Service Center and Channel Lineup referred to As?

Look-Up Tools


What are the upgrade guidelines for care agents when a customer is upgrading service and adding one or more new LOB's?

1) The monthly rate must increase by $10.00 when adding one or more new LOB’s. 2) The upgrade guidelines do not apply to equipment adds/upgrades or service bolt-ons (i.e. premium channels, SPP, Internet speed tiers, etc.) (Document ID POL1596)


How can the text size of Closed Captioning online be adjusted?

On XFINITY TV Go, the size of closed caption text can also be adjusted to small, medium and large text sizes. Mouse over the CC icon and select the desired text size. (Document ID HOW3411)


What are the 2 paths to look up a customer's channel lineup?

Click Channel Lineup at the top of Einstein or click Toolkits>TV>Information & Support>Channel Lineup


Name 3 different types of Users you can use to communicate with through Einstein?

1) Region and Division Agents2) Center of excellence Agents3) National Agents4) Outsource Partner Agents5) Non-Agent Employees6) Customers(Einstein Workflow Overview - WBT)


Emailing an Einstein document directly to a customer or a co-worker is referred to as what?

Document Sharing Via Email.


What does the orange indicator mean next to the Repeat Call link?

Customer has called in to the Repair queue two or more times in the last 30 days.


What are 4 of the easy Ways You can Access a customer's account in Einstein?

1) Phone Number2) Account Number3) Ticket number4) First and Last Name5) Email Username6) Mac address of Account Equipment(Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


What are two Key Differences of DVR vs. Non-DVR Set Top Boxes?

1) All recording is done from the DVR, Non-DVR set top boxes can schedule recordings and play back recorded content, but do not record recorded content.2) Only the DVR allows access to pause and rewind live TV. The non-DVR set-top boxes can pause and rewind recordings and XFINITY On Demand programs, but not live TV.3) Access to certain applications varies by set-top boxes.(EINSTEIN Doc ID HOW8375)


How many XFINITY On Demand programs can be stored at once?

99 progams


A measure of the increase in signal level provided by an amplifier, usually expressed in dB.

Gain(Document ID PRD1012)


What is an mdu?

multiple dwelling unit


If the indicator is green in the SIK Eligible Link, that indicates what?

The account is eligible for a SIK order.


What is the all-in-one tool used by Comcast Care Reps which plays a critical part in enhancing the customer experience for front line Care Employees?



What are 2 of 3 possible reasons if there is No Sound From a Home Theater Receiver that is Connected to a Cable Receiver ?

1) Verify that the S/PDIF cable (coaxial or optical) is firmly connected to the cable receiver and the home theater receiver.2) Verify that the home theater receiver is set to a surround sound audio mode (Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II®, Dolby Pro Logic®). 3) Verify that the receiver is properly configured to work with all connected speakers. (Document ID HOW3390)


Do existing Xfinity internet customers who want to upgrade to Extreme 105 need to pay an installation fee?

No. Existing internet customers can get Extreme 105 through a no truck order or they may schedule a professional installation at standard rates.(Document ID TLK1998)


In the View Billing Details link, how many previous statements can you pull up?



Where would you go to get detailed information about a specific cable box or modem in Einstein?

Device Library


How many computers can an xfinity Internet subscriber Customers can download the Constant Guard Protection Suite on?

Up to 7 computers (Document ID PRD1012)


What panel in Einstein includes Basic Account Information, Service Centers, Current Channel Lineup, and Email on file Indicator?

Top Menu Bar


If the indicator is red in the SIK Eligible Link, that indicates what?

A professional installation is recommended.


What two pieces of information can you use to look up if a SIK has been shipped?

Account number or the order number.


Name 4 helpful tools you can find on the Right Menu Bar of Einstein

1) Alerts 2) News3)Favorites4) Useful Links5) Recently Viewed documents6) New And Updated Documents7) Toolkits(Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


How long are News Feeds available in Einstein

21 days


When a customer is in an outage, what link is pressed for available information about the outage, along with an estimated time of repair if available?

View details link in outage screen


In proximity check, what does a purple flag mean?

Critically Degraded Signal Strength


In proximity check, what does blue truck mean?

Scheduled Truck Rolls


In Account info, what does the yellow indicator mean?

Account is soft disconnected


What does a red triangle on Einstein mean?



End User Common Line Charge (EUCL)

This charge is billed in advance. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated this charge for phone service. The End User Common Line charge is also referred to as Subscriber Line Charge (SLC).


Provides you with quick reference points for XFINITY product positioning, on-the-go features, cues and clues, competitor comparisons and tips for overcoming objections?

Einstein Sales Genius(Einstein Doc. SAL1001)


The XFINITY TV app requires the following system requirements:

iOS:Requires iOS 7.0 or laterAndroid:Available on all devices running 4.0 or higher


Where can you reset a customer's email password in Einstein?

Toolkits > Internet > Account > Manage User > Reset Password


911 Tax (911TX)

This tax is a telephone user's excise tax imposed on the telephone service to support 911 systems.


How can you view previous emails sent to the customer?

Use the Account History tab at the top of the Einstein screen and select the Email History tab


Equipment requirements for X1 On Demand Streaming?

Must have an X1 DVR (XG1) or X1 HD/SD RNG150 device.


How do you return to the ITG list after searching for an article?

Click on the Home link above Search banner.


What is the URL to access Einstein?



When you first access Einstein on the main page, what is the field below the phone number field?

Account Number


How many fields are in the main page, to help you search information on a customer?

11 fields


In the main page, what is the last field available to search a customer's information?

DNS Lookup


If a customer calls in with an INTERNET issue and doesn't have the address, phone #, name on account or account number, how can you look up their account information in Einstein?

With the customer's MAC Address on the modem/gateway or email address/username


After loading a account, users with access to Einstein Service see this last feature on the right hand panel?



What are the 5 options under the Account History > View Histoty tab in Einstein?

1) Contact History 2) Ticket history 3) Customer History 4) CAE Lookup 5) Email History

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