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This type of virus, once on a computer, will capture information such as usernames and passwords or allos a hacker to gain control of the computer.

Trojan Horse


This type of virus, once on a computer, will replicate itself and spread to other computers, often through a computer network.



Device that acts as a focal point in connecting multiple computers within one Local Area Network(LAN)

Switch techref4/5pg21


Device that connects the customers internal network to the internet. wireless capability may be denoted by antennae on the device

router techref4/5pg21


A protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network.

Dynamic Host configuration protocol(DHCP) ct3mod9pg32


A condition caused when packets are not received in the correct order, or when they take too long to arrive at their destination.

Jitter (ct.3pg.61)


Delay associated with inconsistencies, or impairments, in the data transport stream.

Latency (ct.3,pg.61)

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