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Name 3 of the 5 My Account App features

1)Billing: View bill, Make a payment, Manage your billing preferences.
2)Account Information: Modify display name, view account number, address, email addresses, Security PIN and XFINITY Voice number(s).
3)Appointments:View date and time of appointment, Reschedule or cancel repair appointments, Find Comcast Service Center locations in your area and get directions.
4)View XFINITY TV, Internet, Voice and Home services:
View devices and connections status, Troubleshoot and restart your devices, View the channel lineup for your package or search for a channel, Set up your remote control, Customize your WiFi network name and password for XFINITY wireless gateways, View Internet Usage Meter (in select markets).
5)Help & Support:Request a call back from a Comcast representative, Access and search through helpful FAQs, Contact the Comcast Service Center by sending a tweet to @ComcastCares on Twitter, Find out if there is an outage in your area.


Xfinity connect 3 features to know are

Answer and access your home phone anywhere you are connected to WiFi.
Listen to or read your voicemail anytime.
Unlimited talk and text when connected to WiFi.


Under TV support on the My Account app what are the choices available?

1) Troubleshoot
2) Connection status
3) Manage channels


Name our 9 apps

Xfinity my account
Xfinity stream
Xfinity connect
Xfinity home
Xfinity share(being discontinued)
Xfinity WiFi hotspots
Xfinity xFi
Xfinity Mobile
Xfinity TV remote


What do you need to access an Xfinity Wifi Hotspot?

Comcast Username and Password


What device info can be found for each of your devices on the my account app?

Serial Number and Model Number


This app offers a free daily curated video service from Comcast



With this app you can pay your bill, manage appointments, view or edit your WiFi Network name or password, and troubleshoot your devices. No Lines. No Waiting.

Xfinity MyAccount


With this app you can Get your entire TV line-up at home and top networks and live sports on the go, plus thousands of XFINITY On Demand movies and shows, and your DVR library anytime, anywhere.

Xfinity Stream


With this app you can use your home phone number to stay connected on the go. As an XFINITY Voice customer, you can use the app to enjoy unlimited talk and text from your mobile device, view your Caller ID and even access Readable Voicemail.

Xfinity Connect


With this app you can Stay connected to your home and family. Receive text and email alerts or access your system remotely.

Xfinity Home


Customers should back up these photos and videos before the app is removed from X1 and fully retired on April 1.

Xfinity Share


With this app you can Locate and get directions to millions of XFINITY WiFi hotspots in cities nationwide. Plus, enjoy enhanced security features at select hotspots

Xfinity WiFi


Name this app :free daily curated video service from Comcast. Whether you’re looking for hit web series, ground-breaking comedy, style and food gurus, jaw-dropping extreme sports, or the latest movie trailer



3 features to know xfinity stream

Access your entire TV line-up, On Demand library and X1 DVR recordings at home on smartphones and tablets through the app and on your laptop by visiting
Tune in live channels or XFINITY On Demand choices over the Internet outside the home, including top channels such as NBC Sports, ESPN, MSNBC, Fox News, Disney Channel, Nick Jr., Sprout and other top cable and premium networks.
Set DVR recordings remotely or take your X1 DVR collection with you to stream on the go or download to watch while offline.

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