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How do you pair an Xfinity (XR2,XR5,XR11) remote?

1.Make sure the remote batteries are installed and your TV and set-top box are powered on.2.Set the TV input to the input connected to the set-top box.3.Press the Setup button on your remote until the LED at the top changes from red to green.4.Press the xfinity button on the remote. The LED will begin flashing green. (Note: When pairing an XR2 or XR5 remote to a DTA, you may need to press the xfinity button up to five times).5.Follow the on-screen pairing instructions to enter the three digit pairing code.6.Once the on-screen pairing code is correctly entered, your remote is paired with the set-top box.


How do you Unpair an XFINITY Remote (Disable Pairing)?

1.Press the Setup button on the remote until the LED at the top of the remote changes from red to green.2.Press 9-8-7.3.The LED will blink green twice indicating that the remote has been unpaired.


How do you Pair the aim anywhere adapter?

1. Turn on your TV and set-top box.2. Plug the Aim Anywhere Adapter into the IR Input port located on the back panel of your set-top box. • Note: This port may also be labeled IR Receive.3. Wait 3-5 seconds for the solid red LED on top of the adapter to turn off.4. Press and release the PAIR button on the back of the adapter. The LED on the top of the adapter will turn on when the PAIR button is pressed.5. Press and hold the Setup button your XFINITY remote until the remote's LED changes from red to green. Then, press and release the xfinity button.6. If the LED on the XFINITY remote blinks green twice, pairing was successful. Press CH^ to verify that your set-top box responds as expected.


How do you Unpair the aim anywhere adapter?

Hold the Setup button on your remote for 3 seconds until All Power blinks. Enter 987, and then press the Setup button once more.


Your XFINITY Remote can be pairedwith what allowing you tocontrol your set-top box even when thedevice is placed out of line-of-sight (forexample, in an entertainment center orbehind your TV).

Aim Anywhere Adapter (XR8)


What do the page up and page down buttons do on a legacy remote when watching VOD or recorded content?

Skips back or forward 5 minutes


What does the yellow "A" button do on a legacy remote control?

Accesses parental controls


What devices are compatible with the XR11 voice remote?

XG or Xi devices (NewHireCh2L4.3)


How do you factory reset a remote?

1)Press and hold setup until the all power light turns green 2)Press 9-8-1 (HOW8359)


What remotes are compatible with the XR8 Aim Anywhere Adapter?

XR2 & XR5 (PRD1320)


What is the remote shortcut to change the screen resolution on an X1 box?

Exit, Exit, Exit 480/720/1080 (for desired resolution)


What does the B button do on the XR2/XR5/XR11 remotes?

Displays a scaled down video in the bottom right corner when the full guide is displayed (HOW9518/HOW8377)


How many remotes does the XR8 Support per box?

5 (PRD1320)


When the light on an RF capable remote flashes green then red, what must be done to get the remote working properly again?

Unpair the remote


What are the 4 types of remotes?

Dedicated, Unified, Universal, Universal Learning

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