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name 5 tools or test equipment do techs use.

Accelerate to 20 MPH or less;o Look down the lane – high eye lead time;o Do not anticipate;o Do not stare at the cone barrier;o Proper hand position;o Give the left or right turn command;o Do not give the command at less than 50 feet;o Do not snap back if the turn is started inwrong direction;o Stop after each pass and critique the student’sperformance.


What is attenuation?

Signal loss


Factors that lead to higher cable attenuation include:

• Smaller center conductor size• Longer cable length• Hotter temperature• Higher frequency• Dielectric material


F-Connector Installation Best Practices include:

• Use a prep tool with a stop.• Use the side of the compression tool to recheck dimensions.• With the correct prep tool, all the dimensions (1/4”) are setup correctly.• Make sure the dielectric is flush with the post face.• Make sure you hear an audible “click” when you using the torque wrench to ensure the connector is tightened properly.• Always compress fully


What are the two ways to typically connect the eMTA to the customer’s inside wiring?

• Direct line from NID to eMTA using Scotchlok connectors• Via a four-pair jumper


If everything already seems to be working properly, why would we want to take that extra step and check out the diagnostic screens?

Checking out diagnostic screens help to ensure that the equipment is performing properly and within its operating parameters.Information found on these screens can help you to reduce truck rolls by noticing and correcting problems before they become apparent to the customer.


Why aren’t customers using the online resources to get their questions answered?

Customers do not know about them or know how to use them.


What diagnostic tools can you use next to further troubleshoot HSI issues?



What is the typical problem that a customer with a home network has?

Wireless computers cannot connect to the Internet.

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